Japan - Trade balance for May: Y -40.7bn (expected Y 70bn, prior Y823.2bn)

20 June 2016, 06:15
Sherif Hasan

Japan - Trade balance data, May

Japan - Trade balance for May, deficit of 40.7bn yen
  • expected Y 70bn, prior Y823.2bn
And adjusted trade balance for May Y 269.8bn
  • expected Y113.4bn, prior Y426.6bn
Exports -11.3% y/y (fastest fall since January of this year)
  • expected -10%, prior -10.1%
Imports -13.8% y/y
  • expected -13.8% y/y, prior -23.3bn
more to come

USD/JPY little changed, up a few points after the data
ps. GBP continues to make gains in the early goings on here. Just prior to this data point GBP/USD is around.1.4536
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