Will ECB's Draghi deliver anything of note today?

17 June 2016, 12:32
Sherif Hasan

As always traders will be keen to feed off any scraps but the speech is at an awards ceremony and not necessarily key-note.

That's not to say though that Magic Mario isn't capable of pulling something out of the hat so we'll see what transpires.

The text of the speech will be released on the ECB website so we won't have long to wait to check for anything of real interest.

Our calendar has it starting at 15.00 GMT but the ECB have Draghi up at 15.30 GMT (17.30 CET) so please be duly advised.

Before all that we have ECB board member making a keynote speech at 11.45 GMT but it's subject matter is more reform-based.

All to throw into the mix though later along with US housing data and Canadian CPI at 12.30 GMT

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