Eurozone current account balance April SA EUR +36.2bln vs EUR +26.3bln prev

17 June 2016, 10:38
Sherif Hasan

Latest Eurozone current account data from the ECB 17 June 2016

  • prev revised down from €+27.3bln
  • NSA €+34.0bln vs €+31.3bln prev revised down from €+32.3bln
  • direct investment inflow €10.7bln vs +€12.6bln prev
  • portfolio investment inflow €+118.1 bln vs +9.9bkn prev
  • debt investment inflow €+121.7bln vs +6.3bln prev

Investment flows still showing EUR demand.

EURUSD currently 1.1250 with euro pairs still under pressure albeit finding the usual dip-demand

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