Secrets of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal: File Library in MetaEditor

19 October 2006, 13:05
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All MQL4 programs are available through the "File -> Open" menu or through the toolbar. For more convenient access to MQL4 programs, there is a "Files" tab in the "Navigator" window.

In this tab, all MQL4 programs are displayed that stored in the "\MetaTrader 4\experts\" folder or in one of its subfolders.

The following actions are available from context menu of this tab:

  • New File... — creation of an empty file with extension MQ4. The file will be created in the folder selected at the moment of the file creation. To create a file in the "\MetaTrader 4\experts\" folder, one has to select the root word "Files".

  • New Folder... — creation of a subfolder in any of the selected folders. To create a folder in "\MetaTrader 4\experts\", one has to select the root word "Files".

  • Open — open the code of the selected program in a separate window of MetaEditor.

  • Delete — deletion of the selected file or folder.

  • Refresh — refreshing of the program list, synchronization with the "\MetaTrader 4\experts\" folder.

  • Show All — show/hide files of all types. By default, only files having extensions of MQ4, MQH, MQT are displayed in the "Files".


If you have not found a program in the file list of the "Navigator" window, you can download it from our website. You do not need to open your browser to search in the website and download. You can get a quick access to all desired programs using MetaEditor. Just open the "Online Library" in the "Toolbox" window.

If one of the following pages - "Experts | Indicators | Scripts | Libraries | Articles" - is chosen, descriptions of all new files and articles from the website are swapped automatically. Depending on the current interface language, these files will be in English or in Russian. It is important to remember that program databases are different for different languages of the website. So you can find something in the Russian version that you cannot find in the English version. And vice versa.

On each page, one can sort the contents by column. There is the search engine to get a quick access to the desired program. All pages are searched in simultaneously. It should be noted that the search is case-sensitive. This means that "MACD" and "macd" are different words for the search engine.

Having selected the necessary program, you can open the website page where it is described or download the code of this program. To view the program description, select the "Open" command in the context menu. The program description will open in the "Help" tab of the "Toolbox" window. Double click on the author's name will open page containing the author's personal details.

To load the desired indicator into the terminal, one has to download it previously. To do it, you can use the "Download" button or select the corresponding command in the context menu. An MQ4 file will be saved automatically in the corresponding folder of the Client Terminal ("\MetaTrader 4\experts\" or in one of its subfolders). The code of the downloaded program will open in a separate window of MetaEditor.


Windows of "Toolbox" and "Navigator" can be arranged in various order at your will. You have just to point the cursor onto the blue title bar of the window, press the left mouse button and drag the window to the place you want. Windows can be moved not only within the main window of MetaEditor, but also drag "outside". This can be helpful when working with several monitors simultaneously.

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Tomasz Tauzowski
Tomasz Tauzowski | 24 Jun 2008 at 17:27
I guess you can't place experts in subfolders of "experts" folder if you want them to be visible in terminal...
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