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Auto Trade Driver

Auto Trade Driver is an automatic powerful tool (run as Expert Advisor) that helps you to manage risk and control orders and maximize your profit in multi-protect/trailing-stop rules.

This tool is very useful for both scalpers and trend followers. It not only calculates the trade risk exactly, but also protects and maximizes your profits in real-time.

With this tool, the only thing you have to do is to enter trade by your own strategy, then it will auto-drive your position with exit strategy you chose.

Demo version for testing can be downloaded at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4660

Auto Trade Driver is the combination from two other tools:

Followings are main features:

1. Place Order Panel

This panel is used to calculate required volume that meets your accepted stop loss risk. You choose EP and SL with a specified risk percentage of balance that you accept to lose at that stop loss point (including commission), the tool will auto-calculate required volume.

Then, you just need one click on the button BUY, SELL, or PLACE ORDER (with pending order), and order will be sent immediately.

If you want to calculate and place order with other pairs, just use this tool with those pairs.

Below are parameter settings:

  • Commission Type: This is how your broker charges commission. It's "Account currency" if commission is charged on account currency unit, and "Base currency" if commission is charged on base currency of trading pair.
  • Commission Per Lot: The amount of currency units that charged as commission for a round turn standard lot. If your broker/account type doesn't charge commission, just leave this value as zero.
  • Stoploss Risk: The risk percentage that you accept to lose if stop loss occur.
  • Est. Loss+Commission: The total loss you will incur at stop loss point. This total loss amount includes order's loss and order's commission.
  • Order Type: Choose the order type that you want to take place.
  • Order Comment: Note for your order as regular MT4 order's comment.
  • Set SL/TP By: Choose how to set Stop loss/Take profit point. It's "Price" if you want to set SL/TP by a certain price value, "Distance" if you want to set them by a distance from the entry point.
  • Adjustment Step: Increase/Decrease space of the price adjustment when using Increase/Decrease arrow button
  • Stoploss/Takeprofit/Distance: Value to determine the Stop loss/Take profit point. Setting Stop loss point is mandatory to calculate appropriate volume (you may remove Stop loss later if you want, but need to enter a value to calculate volume and place order). Leave Take profit as zero means setting an order without take profit.
  • Order Dragging feature: When you are setting EP/SL/TP on the control panel, you will also see that there are horizontal lines with corresponding level on the chart. You can select those lines and drag them to adjust order EP/SL/TP. Due to those level, order type will be auto selected.

2. Protection Control Panel

  • Apply to: Choose which kind of orders will be protected, there are some options: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order, Account value.
  • For current pair check box: Check this box if you only want to apply protection on selected orders (by Apply to) for current pair only.
  • Type: Protection type that will be applied.
    • Barrier: When order make profit at X points, then stop loss will be moved to Y points from EP.
    • Profit/Loss distance: Set a fixed distance at which selected orders will be closed.
    • Profit/Loss percent: Set a fixed profit/loss percentage at which selected orders will be closed.
    • Profit/Loss amount: Set a fixed amount of money at which selected orders will be closed.
    • Drawdown/Growth %: Set a fixed entire account drawdown/growth percent at which all opening orders will be closed.
    • Drawdown/Growth $: Set a fixed entire account drawdown/growth amount at which all opening orders will be closed.
  • Protect status button: Enable/Disable Protection by clicking on this button. Protection takes effect in real-time with its current settings and Protection status immediately. If you want to view other settings without taking effect, just disable Protection before change.

3. Trailing-Stop Control Panel

  • Apply to: Choose which kind of orders will be stop trailed, there are some options: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order.
  • For current pair check box: Check this box if you only want to apply trailing on selected orders (by Apply to) for current pair only.
  • Type: Trailing-stop method that will be applied. There are 5 methods:
    • Fixed distance: This is like common trailing method that MT4 provide. But it's even better since you can set a distance smaller than Stop/Limit level, that means Stop/Limit level set by broker is skipped now.
    • Moving Average: Moving average can be used in many ways for trailing stops. MA trailing is a pretty fast to lock profits. Trailing with MA High/Low is also a good idea.
    • Parabolic SAR: Using PSAR is a safe way to trailing. It's a long runner if you catch a trend.
    • Zigzag channel: Zigzag channel is made from the boundary of zigzag swing points. Like PSAR, Zigzag channel is a "slower but longer" trailing.
    • ATR value: Average True Range (ATR) determine the average volatility of price at the meantime. So, trailing base on its value is favorite choice of many traders.
  • Aggressive mode: Check this box if you want to trail stops from the order's opening base on price value (original stop loss distance may be reduced step by step). Unchecking this box will make trailing-stop to take effect only when trailing-point makes profit only.
  • Show trailing mark: Checking this box will show the indicator mark on the chart that reflect the selected trailing method.
  • Trailing status button: Enable/Disable Trailing by clicking on this button. Trailing takes effect in real-time with its current settings and Trailing status immediately. If you want to view other settings without taking effect, just disable Trailing before change.

4. Partial Close Control Panel

  • Apply to: Choose which kind of orders will be partially closed, there are some options: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order.
  • For current pair check box: Check this box if you only want to apply partial close on selected orders (by Apply to) for current pair only.
  • 1st Close: Choose X percent of order's volume to be closed for the first time whenever the order makes profit of A points from EP.
  • 2nd Close: Choose Y percent of order's volume to be closed for the second time whenever the order continues to make profit of B points from EP.
  • 3rd Close: The rest volume of order will be closed whenever it continues to make profit of C points from EP.
  • Partial close status button: Enable/Disable Partial close by clicking on this button. Partial close takes effect in real-time with its current settings and Partial close status immediately.

5. Order Shortcut Control Panel

  • For current pair check box: Check this box if you only want to apply the shortcut command for the current pair only.
  • Close: This shortcut is used to perform close command on selected opening orders: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Winning orders (Profit+Commission>0), Losing orders (Profit+Commission<0).
  • Delete: This shortcut is used to perform delete command on selected pending orders: All (pending) orders, All Buy Stop, All Sell Stop, All Buy Limit, All Sell Limit.
  • Remove Stoploss: This shortcut is used to remove stop loss from selected orders: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Winning orders, Losing orders, Pending orders.

6. Trade Statistic Panel

  • To view trade statistic panel, just go to Setting menu --> Show trade statistic. This panel helps you to overview your account statistic in the mean time, which includes Buy orders, Sell orders, Winning orders, Losing orders, Total potential SL and Total potential TP.
  • To move this panel, just click on Move icon on the right and place the panel wherever you want on chart.

7. Other Highlight Features

  • Allows to adjust EP/SL/TP points before you place an order by dragging directly on the chart.
  • Auto-recognizes pending order type based on EP and SL value. No more mistake in choosing Stop or Limit order.
  • No need to re-load Expert when changing parameters, everything changes directly on control panels.
  • Auto restores the previous settings and status after terminal restart or power-off.
  • Flexible/minimize-able control panels that save the chart space.
  • Protects and trails stops without the limitation of Stop/Limit level set by broker.
  • Allows to apply on multi-charts to follow multi-rules with "First-come first-served" basis.
SilentForex 2019.07.03 08:26 

This is the only trading manager you'll ever need your entire career as a professional trader.

aping138 2019.05.05 01:42   

it is better if the author can add a function for we can take the trade for fix lot .

Randy Katz
Randy Katz 2019.03.23 05:12 

This product will not become obsolete. As one trades better, can utilize it better. Author has bent over backwards to support it, I had a special request and it was filled quickly. I have tested Risk/SL Open Orders, Protection SL at some level when profit at some level, Trailing Stop (simple) and Partial Close. As well I tested Close all for current instrument only. Very useful all. Keep up the great work!

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2019.03.09 07:50 

This is the author message

Currently, it will lose the memory about partial close after restart. I will try to find a way to upgrade it to keep the partial closing status after restart in future version (if possible) 2019.02.07 16:25.

Please see comment number 203 and 204.

Christian Oracion
Christian Oracion 2019.01.17 04:43 

Very good. This EA semi-automate my trading system. Please add ATR stop-loss on Protection Control. Thank you.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.08.06 19:03 


AnubisTrader 2018.01.19 17:47 

This is an excellent product and I was even surprised to find that it also managed my martingale EA's while I'm away from my computer. Awesome!

ceromus 2017.08.16 15:05 

Overall a good product but be careful with the trailing stop feature. I was using parabolic SAR trailing stop and aggressive mode checkbox was not checked and yet some how autotradedriver closed a losing order. MT4 logs showed it was closed by auto trade driver but no [sl] comment was added. If you just need the money management portion of this software you can save 50 bucks by buying his other product called: "My Money Manager"

Sangeet Kumar Prasad
Sangeet Kumar Prasad 2016.06.15 08:53 

This is an excellent product to place an order in MT4 platform. There are few expensive tools out there which charge you so much to do the same thing. I am pleased with it and will certainly recommend to all MT4 platform users. I must also mention that the support provided by Kevin is very good. He was very eager to help when I was having issues using certain features of the product which was not all related to the product but product registration with my account.

Zack van Zyl
Zack van Zyl 2015.07.28 10:53 

If you are a manual trader - this is absolutely by far the best product I have ever used in my entire trading career. Absolutely flawless and makes opening trades such a breeze!

ducker 2015.03.25 13:46 

Easy to use and very useful program. It saves me a lot of time Highly recommended.

Also very fast service at helpdesk

Baris Elmasdere
Baris Elmasdere 2015.03.12 12:28 

Excellent and easy to use panel to control your risk. Highly recommended!

rudysemail 2014.12.28 04:29 

EA works great, and Kevin is super helpful if you need anything!

I'd highly recommend buying from this guy

Lines_ss 2014.07.14 09:54 

Regardless if u are a scalper or a day trader, the tool is a must have for all people locking for a easy to use and clear trade management. It has an amazing graphical user interface and functionality is great. I tried several tools but this one is the best I used so far.

- The tool offers order placement on risk basis with direct SL and TP entry

- Trade protection/break even with free to choose points

- Three free settable partial order close

- And of course trailing SL

Very fast support in case of any problems, great!

Jay Chiew
Jay Chiew 2014.06.06 14:13 

IF you are a scalper and understand money management is more important than strategy, you will understand the power of this software. If you are still struggling trying to make money, learn to focus on money management and harness the power of it! Kudos for building this incredible software!

Version 5.39 2019.09.12
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 5.38 2019.09.12
- Fixed: Minor bug on interface menu.
Version 5.37 2019.08.26
- Changed: Keep previous parameters after placing orders.
Version 5.36 2019.08.21
- Fixed: Better partial close function.
Version 5.35 2019.05.28
- Improved: Better trailing and partial close controlling.
Version 5.34 2019.01.23
- Changed: Remove default order comment (AutoFxPro.com)
Version 5.32 2018.08.06
- Improved: Allow open multi-positions if calculated lot size is bigger than maximum lot size.
Version 5.31 2017.07.05
- Improved: Allows multiple order tickets, magic numbers and comments for order filter.
Version 5.30 2017.03.10
- Improved: Optimize the calculating functions.
Version 5.29 2016.12.01
- Fixed: Eliminate conflict when manual remove stoploss that set by EA.
Version 5.28 2016.07.18
- Fixed: Show correct information for Buy Stop/Limit order on the chart.
Version 5.27 2016.06.27
- Fixed: Correct the "Profit/Loss distance" protection.
Version 5.26 2016.06.23
- Added: "Order comment" filter.
- Added: Start point of basic trailing stop.
Version 5.24 2016.06.13
- Improved: OnChartEvent() function is adaptable with MT4 version 4.00 build 971 (7 Jun 2016).
Version 5.23 2016.02.18
- Fixed: "Zero divide" error when show trade statistic sometime.
Version 5.21 2016.01.20
- Fixed: Invalid trading volume if lotsize step was larger than 0.01.
Version 5.20 2016.01.08
- Fixed: Correct calculation for account with exotic balance currency.
Version 5.19 2015.10.01
- Fixed: Fixed eternal loop if click Buy/Sell when AutoTrading is disable.
Version 5.18 2015.09.16
- Fixed: No freeze and looping alert anymore when clicking Buy/Sell at closed market.
Version 5.17 2015.05.18
- Fixed: Infinite loop when close all orders with various symbols.
Version 5.16 2015.05.08
- Improved: Increase lotsize calculating for exotic pairs.
- Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
Version 5.15 2015.04.29
- Improved: Support for CFD, Indexes instruments.
Version 5.14 2015.04.24
- Added: Risk/Reward Ratio adjustment.
- Improved: Support for exotic currency account.
Version 5.12 2015.04.09
- Improved: Apply CloseBy for "Close All" shortcut, which is more economic for the account.
Version 5.11 2015.03.27
- Fixed: Agressive alert informing AutoTrading feature.
Version 5.1 2015.02.03
- Fixed: Force to display all graphic objects to the front of the chart. They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version.
Version 5.0 2015.01.16
- Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
- Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
Version 4.95 2015.01.14
- Improved: Better partial close management.
Version 4.93 2015.01.06
- Fixed: Correct TP point adjustment after placing order in some cases.
- Fixed: Correct partial close for minimal lotsize.
Version 4.92 2014.12.03
- Fixed: Mistaken TP point with zero value.
Version 4.91 2014.10.28
- Fixed: Removed unnecessary alert.
Version 4.90 2014.10.21
- Improved: Update SL & TP according to actual EP for market order.
- Improved: Allows to control non-existing magic number order (for further orders).
Version 4.80 2014.09.30
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 4.75 2014.09.02
Fixed minor bugs.
Version 4.7 2014.08.01
Minor bugs fixed.
Version 4.6 2014.07.28
Removed useless test alert.
Version 4.5 2014.07.25
Statistic correction.
Version 4.4 2014.07.21
Some improvements.
Version 4.3 2014.07.17
Prevent zero divide.
Version 4.2 2014.07.14
- Fixed magic number acceptance.
Version 4.1 2014.07.10
- Added: User-defined magic number.
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 3.9 2014.06.23
Fixed hang-up when account login changed.
Version 3.7 2014.06.19
- Fixed: Removed unnecessary order modification
Version 3.6 2014.06.17
Fixed minor bugs.
Version 3.5 2014.06.09
Added trade statistic viewer.
Version 3.4 2014.06.03
Fixed minor bugs with cross pair.
Version 3.3 2014.06.02
- More compact interface.
- Improved trailing stop accuracy (spread included).
- Improved displaying speed.
- Corrected the Stop/Limit level adaption.
Version 3.2 2014.05.27
- Minor bugs fixed.
- Added: Allow to change interface's font size.
Version 3.1 2014.05.23
- Minor bug fixed about warning alert.
- Minor bug fixed about order dragging features.