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Arrow Entries

Arrow entries indicator

Arrow entries is a tool to help make entry decisions. It draws arrows for buy and sell and is based on 2 MFI indicators and filtered by fast over or under slow Moving Average. 

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Input variables
Period MFI1: How many candels to calculate MFI1.
Shift_MFI1: Candels back to be used.
Period MFI2: How may candels to calculate MFI2.
Shift_MFI2: Candels back to be used.
Overbought/Oversold area: Value between 0-100
Moving Averages
MAfast: Candels to calculate fast MA.
MAslow: Candels to calculate slow MA.

You also have three alert types to notify you of a signal.
1. Popup Alert
2. Email Alert
3. Push notifications Alert

Can be used on all currencypairs and timeframes. 
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