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Scalper Positions Analyzer

Scalper Positions Analyzer - the tick history may be necessary for development of trading strategies and market analysis.


  1. Open a chart of any currency pair.
  2. Open the Navigator window.
  3. Drag the indicator to the chart of the currency pair.
  4. Enable sending information (MainMode = true).
  5. Open "File".
  6. Select "Open Offline".
  7. Open an offline chart of the currency pair with the name that appeared on the main chart (for example, R_EURUSD).
  8. Drag the indicator to the offline chart.
  9. Enable receiving information (TickMode = true).
  10. If you want to receive the positions only from the EA, enter a Magic number for the EA (ExpertMagicNumber = magic number).


  • TickAnalizer – name of the chart in offline mode.
  • MainMode – the main chart to send all the information from.
  • MainModeLabel_Hide – display or hide labels on the main chart.
  • TickMode – the tick chart to receive information.
  • ExpertMagicNumber – receive information only from the EA with the Magic number. ( -1) - all positions.
  • TickModeLabel_Hide – display or hide labels on the tick chart.
  • LossColor – line color of a losing position.
  • ProfitColor – line color of a winning position.
  • PositionLineWidth – line width.
  • BID_Line_Color – color of the Bid line on the tick chart.
  • TimeColor – time (hour: minutes) color on the main chart.
  • LabelsColor – color of other labels on the tick chart.


If 10 copies are purchased, the next version will implement the ability to take chart screenshots after a position is closed. The price will also increase.

Free version is available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16945

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