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SAAD Scalper is fully automated EA and handles two strategies at same time with its unique style to make most of trades profitable. The EA scalps pips by its strong Entry strategy.

Trades that are not successful to scalp are handled in a different and unique way of martingale. It includes two options to deal with open trades.

  • Pending Order Martingale (It helps to reduce Draw Down)
  • Market Order Martingale

It works on multiple currency pairs simultaneously and best results found for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDCAD and AUDUSD. More trading opportunities for lower time frame.

SAAD Scalper Parameters

Basic Variables 1

  • Lot Size of each Trade - Default value 0.01. Set as per your equity.
  • LotModeAuto - Set False/True as per your requirement.
  • %Risk - Lot is calculated as per formula Lot= AccountEquity* Risk/100/1000 If LotModeAuto is set True. Design Lot Size as per your requirement and Risk Factor.
  • Target Pips - Best value found 100 for 5 Decimal Broker as a 10 pips. Set as per your testing results.
  • Stop Loss - Default Value is 0. It works only if both martingale are set to False. As per testing results it is not recommended. This feature is included as per request of different users. Use it as per your experience.
  • Magic Number - Magic number should be unique on same MT4 terminal.

Apply Martingale Type

  • Market Order Martingale - True/False
  • Pending Order Martingale - True/False

Please note that: You can use only one Martingale at one time. If both are true, martingale will not work. If you want to use StopLoss feature keep both false. If any one of true, StopLoss feature will not work.

Basic Variables 3 - It Sets Parameters for Market Order Martingale

  • Steps in Pips: Default value 500 for 5 Decimal Broker as a 50 Pips. You can design it as per considering your Lot Size, Equity and Currency Pair Price Movement Span for safe use of martingale to avoid Margin Call.
Basic Variables 4 - It Sets Parameters for Pending Order Martingale
  • Steps in Pips - Default value 700 for 5 Decimal Broker as a 70 Pips. You can design it as per considering your Lot Size, Equity and Currency Pair Price Movement Span for safe use of martingale to avoid Margin Call.
  • Open Pending Order - Default value 400. This value depends upon Steps in Pips.

Example 1 Sell - If original order is Sell and price hits 700 steps above the original order level Pending Order Sell is initiated 400 steps above the previous Sell Level.
Example 2 Buy - If original order is Buy and price hits 700 steps below the original order level Pending Order Buy is initiated 400 steps below the previous Sell Level.

  • Pending Order Expiry in Days - Set Pending Order Expiry time in days. Default value 30 days.

Apply Volume Filter

  • Apply Volume Filter - True/False
  • Volume Level - Set Level if Apply Volume Filter is True.

Volume Filter is introduced to avoid any trade during high volatility and market noise.

Basic Variables 6 - Trading Hrs Range in GMT

  • Trading Round the Clock 24Hr - True/False
  • Start Trading Time in Hr - 0
  • Stop Trading Time in Hr - 23
Sergey Zhuravkov
2017.04.27 00:44 

Ни чего не понимаю все оставляют положительные отзывы, хотя система требует доработки

2017.04.15 01:08 

Fantastic EA. Using ActivTrades (1:400) account: Stable profits even on small accounts for the past two months.

Sundaravadiveal TV
2017.04.14 04:42 

Its a profitable EA with Minimum guarantee. I used it in my Demo account since Dec 26th and so far it has made 52% profit till date (15/02/17) with 5000$ margin. Compared to many high cost EAs, this one is a GEM. Drawdown and Risk is very minimal in this EA. You can see the Real Trade Signal in the below link. The performance shown in the signal is from Saadscalper and one more EA. Both EAs contributes 50% share in performance. Link for the signal is http://sasienterprises.signalstart.com/en/analysis/real-profit-maker/17742

2017.04.13 08:48 


2017.04.06 04:37 

thank you. god bless you...

2017.04.03 07:31 

Отличный советник. Вот большая статья о нем - http://www.forexeadvisor.ru/sovetnik-saad-scalper.html

Мониторинг счета - https://www.myfxbook.com/members/vaulin/saad-scalper/2053283

David Trujillo
2017.02.09 18:46 


Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.07 19:05 


Іван Яків
2017.02.07 17:08 

Норм !

Eric Emmrich
2017.01.26 18:20 

Great results - constant profits.

Speranzio Emeraldo
2017.01.11 10:38 

I have been using it 6 months now with 50% profit.

This is a very good EA.

Thank you Adnan for making this EA.

2017.01.09 22:50 

it is now two weeks that I'm using it on a new demo account and its just working perfect for me with default settings. You've to just be careful because there is no stop loss. Watch my 2 weeks progress at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rns6FS2bd6w

seyedmajid masharian
2017.01.04 17:29 



Gennadiy Voltornist
2016.12.24 11:02 


Volker Stengah
2016.12.23 14:41 

There is a very big problem with that EA. I had tested the EA with EUR/USD and AUD/USD in several timeframes. The results in M30 was the best. I set up in both currency with the same setting like I tested. Surprisingly the EA works differently on a demo account for 7 weeks. The results are much worse. The biggest Problem is the missing SL or automatic closing when the main trend runs against the trade with high momentum. It's possible that the trade will go in minus for more than 400 pips without any action of the EA. And more: the EA tried to open 13 more trades in the wrong direction and against the high momentum. The second very strange problem is, after the pure performance at the demo account I let run again the strategy tester with the same broker and the same setting. The results were strong different. All heavy bad trades was not in the list of the strategy tester, they did not exist, not opened. It seems there is any wrong in the script. I canceled all no open trades and restarted the MT4. The EA started some of the pending orders again. After a restart of the computer, the EA didn't do anything more, like a hard refresh of any variables. This is the reason for only 1 point.

Ilshat Sarvarov
2016.11.27 16:59 


2016.11.24 08:56 

За первые два дня работы на долларовой демке работает стабильно. На пробу поставил на пару eur/gbp, в результате три лота в плюс.

Dmitrii Krivec
2016.11.22 21:04 

Хорошо работает ,за неделю на центовом счете нет ни одной убыточной позиции .но прибыль почему то приносит лишь по центу

ушел в просадку второй день .

Fernando Blanchet
2016.11.18 14:02   

Some people can tell me how put the Ea to work? thanks.

John Pinzon
2016.11.16 02:46 

es backtest respondió bien pero en cuenta real fue un DESASTRE TERRIBLE

2016.11.12 13:29 

За четыре месяца на реальном счёте получил 300 % прибыли.Не каждый платный советник такое выдаст.Автору огромное спасибо!

Nasser AmiriGharicheh
2016.10.23 22:09   

great ea. i use 0.5 % risk and its very safe

2016.10.20 17:22 

More than 5 stars, really nice work. Reliable and consistent profits, specially with 1-2 % risk. Thanks Adnan

2016.10.15 13:57 

nice scalper

Ivan Zharkov
2016.10.03 22:26 


2016.10.03 08:43 

5 stars EA.

Makes about 30$ daily, averaging 120 weekly on 8 pairs

Works best during volatile periods, especially month ends.

Set a conservative settings and see how the magic works.

Thanks Adnan!

Hafiz Haron
2016.09.28 10:05 

Thank you so much for this great EA and giving it for free! Reliable and consistent profits :D

2016.09.23 04:20 

Thanks, Adnan for a great EA! I have been using this EA for four months and have consistent profits. I am very conservative and use the following settings:

3 pip take profit (TP)

.03 lot size on $1,000 account (USD)

I make about $20 a week

I could probably be more aggressive, but prefer to build my account now until it gets big enough to trade bigger lot sizes.

I really encourage anyone to try this robot.

But, make sure you have a broker that allows simultaneous buy and sell trades.

Robot works best in volatile swings.


2016.09.19 22:08 

5 stars for this FREE ea!

Set up properly, I have daily profits.

Thank you Adnan :)

Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera
2016.09.04 12:27 

Dangerous Martingale-Grid not stable at medium long term!!

2016.08.31 03:03 

Promising EA with nice setting to play with.. Strictly need to watch the selected pair economic forecast impact and with good of both lot, take pip and martingale step in u can get easy profitable trade. Thanks for this amazing free EA. give 5 stars because can pay my rent with this EA in one week :)

2016.08.26 12:24 

Nice EA, giving continuous profit with bearable drawdown

2016.08.24 08:39 

It`s the best EA what i see for free. One is very nice his value to start can be €100 and going up. VERY GOOD. I`M VERY HAPPY THX BRO.

Paolo Ronchetti
2016.08.17 10:12 


Piotr Bankowicz
2016.08.04 18:06   

Works fine! Safe, small but stable profits. Good job!

Tom Ric
2016.07.05 23:44 

Nice Work and Free. I am using it with my trending EAs to hedge losses during choppy market. It completed my system and reduced losses that I was facing during trend strategies.

Matthew Todorovski
2016.07.05 18:46 

Didn't work well for me.

2016.07.05 11:03 

Using it since long, Good results so far. Entry positions are good. Just watching what it is doing. Be careful it is martingale based but I found safest martingale of all EAs I have used. Before using it live, it needs to be understand.

Rinor Memeti
2016.07.04 12:51 

dont know how people have good results. It burns a 100k account with 1 % risk in may 2016.

2016.07.04 06:09 

Very good EA

2016.06.24 01:08 

looking good for last 3 days

2016.06.23 21:28 


Hassan Alyaquobi
2016.05.28 17:59 

Nice EA!

Thanks Adnan...

Carlos Moreno
2016.05.28 00:32 

Great EA. If you are patient, and let it do its work, it is simply great. I love the way it keeps "bad" transactions open in order to match them up with "good" ones, and get rid of all of them with a profit. Really nice job. Thumbs up!

Hans-Joachim Morbach
2016.05.20 14:51 


Saadscalper I have tested and been using it for 2 days. Until then, everything worked very well, so I had only Provit. Today seems to me that whole bit before very funny. According to Journal n'von MT4 VPS and of Amsterdam Journal no problems are to be recognized, I have thereby taken only the signals that you have mentioned in their description. Nevertheless, it can see today so that not all signals werdeb used, although this would have to start because of good reports. Since this morning, he used only 2 signals, but these will not be closed even at high profit rate. In the Preferences EA I have not changed anything, Am I not, as long as I do not know much about it, or have no experience with. I suspect that is a mistake in the EA. If this is not so, then I ask for help. Otherwise, I ask you to correct the error. Since I am rarely since, wäher it be nice if you to e-mail me: would write hjoachim44@gmx.de. Thank you.

best regards

2016.05.07 10:34 

Nice Ea Thanks..

Paulo Sergio Zaccariotto
2016.05.06 20:58   

Qual o deposito minimo para este EA

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.05.04 22:18 

неделю хорошо отработал.

2016.05.02 03:58 

Simply awesome. I think it's the best strategy.

Kolawole Adeniyi
2016.04.28 19:07 

The result is amazing and yet it is free. I am using it on live account after testing. Thank you for this.

Mohammad Soubra
2016.04.28 17:06 

wonder, thank you very much

Kamalitdin Rakhimov
2016.04.28 14:01 

Советник торгует на демо счете пока все сделки в плюсе.Спасибо разработчику.

2016.04.16 20:04   

can someone share the best parameters for this ea to me please

Rakeemah Haji Dollah
2016.04.12 08:55 

Dear all

This new updated ea doesnt have SL?

Thanks from BN

Recep Tokluoglu
2016.04.11 20:03 


Enrico Lombardi
2016.04.10 18:56 

If set properly, it's really good EA. So far so good. 5 for you Adnan.

2016.04.10 08:33 


Alf Jewell
2016.04.08 04:14 

This is a nice little EA.

2016.04.06 23:41 

Awaiting for next release for PO. Current version working fine. Working nice so far.

Leandro Mendes
2016.03.23 20:40 

Very good EA. I am new so I'm not very good at manual trading. My solution was to go looking for EAs that would help me out.

So far this is the only one that I have been able to make a good bit of profit from. Only a few times it opened a trade and the market went against it. I had to close it before it got too ugly. But it was only once or twice, since that I have been watching the trades. Another thing I have been doing is trusting it more. When it opens a trade and the open trade starts taking loss I end up opening another trade with x2 the lot size. So far it's been working. Even if the EA was going to be a little off (doesn't get to the 100 pips) the trade I opened usually covers the loss and still makes a good bit of profit.

Thanks Adnan for the EA! Keep it up!

Rama Vardhan Narala
2016.03.01 19:05 

this is not a saadscalper !! this is sad scalper!!! every time margin call occurs when in backtest

Roland Mordt
2016.02.24 22:09 

Really fine results, thx.

Nabeel Ahmad Ghaitha Abusamhan
2016.02.24 14:11   

i want mq4 file i want chnge

if you like

2016.02.24 08:59 

Works good, but you must be careful. It has no SL. So you can loose everything if market goes in wrong direction. Watch the important news and close open trades manually if you see the risk.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.02.13 22:10 

So far so good.

philippe germain
2016.02.12 22:36 

Nice results until now.

版本 2.0 - 2016.04.14
Version 2.0 is fixing some minor issues related to ver. 1.9 and one new parameter is introduced
1) Volume Indicator is fixed and tested
2) System restart will update PO levels to its maximum effort.
(Turning off the system is not recommended for long time)

New parameter is introduced:
1) %DrawDawn of Balance: Users can take risk of its capital percentage. If drawdawn touches this threshold, it will close all trades.
版本 1.9 - 2016.04.07
Version 1.9 includes new features to reduce Draw Down, avoiding to open unnecessary trades during high volume.It includes Stop Loss for original Trade only, as per user experience. Here is detail of three new features.
1) Stop Loss: For Original Trade only. It works only when martingales are disabled.
2) Pending Order Martingale: It is helping to reduce Draw Down instead of using Market Order Martingale
3) Volume Filter: It helps to avoid unnecessary trades during high volume.

Please note that in this version Trade Entry Criteria remains same. Entry strategy is same as per previous versions.
版本 1.6 - 2016.01.21
1) It includes Trading Start and Trading Stop Time in GMT
2) It includes Money Management feature and calculating Lot Size in %Risk of Equity