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SAAD TrendTracker

SAAD TrendTracker is a fully automated EA. It is based on mathematical algorithms Trend Tracker indicator and SAADScalper. The EA scalps pips by its strong Entry strategy based on SAADScalper. Trades that are not successful to scalp are handled in a different way of uniquely designed algorithm based on Trend Tracker indicator.

EA is designed for M1, M5, M15 and M30. It consults daily chart for successful trading accuracy. It consults H1 to handle unsuccessful trades using Trend Tracker Indicator. It works on multiple currency pairs simultaneously and best results found for M30 Time Frame. Higher TF, less trading opportunities with higher accuracy and Lower TF, more trading opportunities with less accuracy.

Live Accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/adnaniqbal140


  • For back testing, please make sure you must have historical data for TF under testing, Daily and H1 for time duration to test to get accurate results.
  • This EA takes decision at closing of candle, you can perform test on open prices.
  • Best currency pairs that are less volatile and most of the time ranging: EURUSD, AUDUSD, AUDCAD etc.
  • Split your lotsize into 5 or 6 pairs instead of taking high risk on one currency pair: Run EA for TF M30 on 5 to 6 currency pairs.

SAAD Trend Tracker Parameters

Basic Variables1

  • Lot Size of each Trade - Default value 0.01. Set as per your equity.
  • LotModeAuto - Set False/True as per your requirement.
  • %Risk - Lot is calculated as per formula Lot= AccountEquity* Risk/100/1000 If LotModeAuto is set True. Design Lot Size as per your requirement and Risk Factor.
  • Target Pips - Best value found as a 10 pips. Set as per your testing results.
  • Stoploss in Pips - Default Value is 0. Not recommended for this strategy. It is included as per users request.
  • Span - Pip difference to open consecutive trades by Trend Tracker
  • LotMultiplier - Integer value to calculate next order lot size.
  • SimpleLotMultiplier - If true next lot is calculated multiple of defined lot.
  • ExponentialMultiplier - If true next lot is calculated multiple of previous trading lot.
  • Magic Number - Magic number should be unique on same MT4 terminal.
  • Higher TF - Higher time frame to set direction of initial trade with comment SaadSellA/SaadBuyB. Recommended Daily TF 1440
  • Middle TF - Middle Time frame to identify reversal of market to open trades SaadSellB/SaadBuyB to close initial losing trades accumulatively in profit.

Trailing Profit - ------Trailing Profit Inputs------

  • Trail the Order- True/False. True to enable trailing profit. Trailing is internal hard coded and accumulative profit for all opened positions of similar type.
  • Trailing Start in Pips - As per user experience or 20
  • Trailing Stop in Pips - As per user experience or 10 and must be less than Trailing Start value

TrendTracker Inputs - Trend Tracker Inputs

  • TTPeriod - Trend Tracker Period for Tracker Lines.
  • TTMultiplier - Trend Tracker Multiplier for Tracker Lines.

Basic Variables4 - Trading Hrs Range in GMT

  • Trading Round the Clock 24Hr - True/False
  • Start Trading Time in Hr - 0
  • Stop Trading Time in Hr - 23
Zoro Sa
2017.05.30 22:20 

Я также столкнулся с такой же вопрос, как Валерии, Но пусть EA решить. В конце концов, торги были закрыты в прибыли. Эта стратегия не вмешиваться, пусть EA, чтобы решить, когда, чтобы закрыть, это будет выгодно, я столкнулся этому вопросу два раза и EA провели очень хорошо, важно thisng терпение.

Infact Best EA from performance and specially price wise. This EA works as explained in forums and description. Giving Smooth increment. Thanks and keep it up for more improvement. Awaiting for next release of trailing profit as promised by author

Paulo Buhrmann
2017.05.26 15:24 

Precisa de modificações.

2017.04.21 05:45 

Good EA

Support from Author is also good

Michael Beek
2017.04.15 18:20 

I have been working since January 17 of this EA on a live account with 6 pairs. It gives a stable result and find it a great work of his own. But what applies to each Ea, be alert and a little knowledge is recommended. Thanks great work!

Rafael Grecco
2017.03.31 16:02 

I have been using this EA for 4 months. My account growth was 38% in this period, with an aggressive setting. DD had a peak of 25%, but it usually sits at 10%. If you know what you are doing (don't be too agressive), this EA is excellent!

Apart from the EA, the author (Adnan) is a great person, gives excellent support and will help in any way he can.

Henry De Jongh
2017.03.31 11:14 

Fantastic EA that uses the fast entry point of SaadScalper (that most of the time results in an immediate profit) and if that fails it then relies on TrendTracker to make slow and accurate trades that accumulate enough profit to close everything and leave you with your target profit (or it trails the profit a little longer). It has paid for itself and went on to make me several hundred more! All of Adnan's work is well thought out, reliable and simply brilliant.

2017.03.23 16:48 

I have almost 2 mounths using this EA and is very good, but you need pay attention, or watch it carrefurly. with my own strategi of trading and some strict rools about emotions and dont get greedy , you will have big success.

Hassan Alyaquobi
2017.02.27 21:16 


2017.02.27 20:07 

Using since more than two months, giving nice growth. So far so good. Users need to understand this strategy is without stoploss. Check my Backtesting results on 99.9% Tick data posted in forrum.

2017.02.27 15:20 

Полная ерунда,для рынка в настоящий момент не пригоден,не советую никому.

nizar el ayas
2017.02.25 22:04 

This my 4 monthes review. I was amazed in the beginning by the ability of this EA to make money on regular basis. But after 4 monthes, the profits i made were quickely erased by huge losses. So you have the impression that you are making money. But one losing position can change everything bcz loss is always big with this EA.

2017.02.10 14:02 


2017.01.23 20:28 

Nice Scalping tactics. It Worth.

Harvey Becon
2017.01.23 20:27 

This EA gives small chunks of profits and good for long term if we can bear draw down a regular increment in account looks excellent.

So far so nice.

Krystof Walter
2017.01.20 19:42 


Alberto Pasetto
2017.01.16 10:29 

This EA will bring steady profit, day after day, really well done. Keep the good work up man!

2017.01.16 07:24 

Definitely 5 Star for this awesome EA. The EA cleverly absorbs any rare positions which open against the market with use of it's builtin Trend Tracker indicator. In the end all trades are winners, no Stop Loss required.

2017.01.14 16:26 

very bad, very large loss because there's not stop loss, the trades are quite different from the author.

2017.01.13 20:21 

Scalping like a shooting gun in ranging market, infact nice EA, giving 92 % success ratio. This is more than satisfactory. Further loosing trades need patience with proper risk management and it is very safe EA. Posted my live account results in forum.Thanks and keep it up. Awaiting for next release to use trailing profit.

Valeriy Belozertsev
2017.01.12 16:05 

Разочаровался я в советнике. До НГ шел хорошо +45% к депо. В декабре ушел в просадку -20%, закрыл руками. В январе после старта 10-го, за 2 дня просел еще на -20%.

2017.01.12 02:14   

Same Question...how do I install the new version? Here on the site it shows 2.4 but the latest one is 2.7?


2017.01.11 13:22   

How can i install the new version 2.7?

Yaotang Liu
2017.01.10 03:55 

My experience is same with dahuar.

Loses more than win. And it doesn't stop loss. (sort of martingale, so you may feel it never lose)

I don't think this EA has ability to track the trend.

The DD is crazy.

Sorry about that I can't leave a good review and rating.

Nashrul Ahmad
2017.01.08 05:45 

Great EA. Running on 6 pairs with 0.01 lotsize. The trend tracker does its job really well to minimize the drawdown.

2017.01.06 11:04 

n the beginning I was amazed. I will let it run, if the results geht better. I am using 30Min on 6pairs

The badest experience, I dit make was overnight, Everything he did well over the day, was destroyed until next mornig.

The author wrote me and asked what the problems are, and answered all my questions. Money management is very important 500€uro = 0.01lot size each pair

2017.01.05 01:06   

Very bad EA did not work for me, loses more that what it wins, I purchase the one month trial.

2017.01.04 14:06   

High. I loaded it and installed it in MT 4. But it doesn´t work. I get a not smiling icon in the right upper corner. Did I forgot anything to do? Thx for an answer.

Humphrey Croiset
2017.01.01 16:49 

on Live ECN acct. Not 1 losing Trade ! Posted pic$$$ on comments page !!!

Ivan Samoylov
2016.12.08 16:24 

Все работает! Отличная работа!

Mohammad Shaban
2016.12.07 15:41 

so far one of the best EA, also price wise, just open max 6 recommended pairs and keep money management risk on 2% each pair, and set back and enjoy :) , just dont use another EA or manual trades on same account that reach 20% draw-down (to be added on this EA drawdown and could lead to margin call)

2016.11.27 02:13 

helpful guy!

Matthew Brown
2016.11.26 00:13 

This EA works flawlessly. Has been very profitable through live testing.

版本 2.9 - 2017.01.23
1) Internal Trailing StopLoss Feature, working as a accumulative trailing profit for one type of trades.
2) StopLoss Feature, recommended not to use keep it zero. It is included as per users demand.
3) Some minor fixes.