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Blahtech Candle Timer

Blahtech Candle Timer displays the remaining  time before the current bar closes and a new bar forms. It can be used for time management

Feature Highlights

  • Configurable text
  • Customisable alerts and messages
  • Optimised to reduce CPU usage

Input Parameters

  • Text Colour - Colour for timer text
  • Text Font - Font for timer text
  • Text Size - Font size of timer text
  • Text Shift Bars –Number of Bars to move the text right
  • Text Shift Price - Move the text up by a specified amount
  • Text Anchor – Change the anchor point of the text
  • Alerts - Popup - Enable/Disable sound and/or popup dialog for active alerts
    1. Disabled
    2. Sound Only
    3. Popup and Sound
  • Alerts - Email – Enable email alerts
  • Alerts – Notification – Enable Notification alerts
  • Alerts – Sound Wav File – Change alert sound
  • Alerts – Startup Delay Seconds - Wait a number of seconds before testing for alerts on startup
  • Alert – Message Text – User customisable popup/notification text
  • Alert Email – Subject - User customisable email subject text
  • Alert Email – Body Text - User customisable email body text
  • Connected Suffix – Display text after the timer when connected to broker server
  • Disconnected Suffix – Display text after the timer when disconnected from broker server
  • Instance Id – Unique identifier. Only modify if you need to use multiple instances per chart

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