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Volume Delta Panel

Volume DeltaPanel - это мощный индикатор, распознающий предложение на рынке.

Он рассчитывает дельту от движения цены и разницу объемов ПОКУПОК и ПРОДАЖ.

Его особая структура позволяет вам применять все таймфреймы, имеющиеся на платформе MT4.

Панель может одновременно отображать 28 инструментов, все из которых можно настроить под требования брокера.

Хороший обзор инструментов позволяет найти превосходные точки входа и возможные развороты

Мы уверены, что наш индикатор поможет вам улучшить вашу торговую деятельность.

Входные параметры:

  • 28 символов - для удаления какого-либо из них укажите значение NULL
  • Visible_ .. - включить/отключить таймфреймы M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1
  • Colors - цвета положительных, отрицательных, нулевых значений, цвет основного текста
  • TextFontSize (размер шрифта)
  • SeparateSymbols - true/false для использования разделителя для каждого символа
2016.08.04 18:01 

This indicator is simply brilliant! By looking at a single currency across all pairs and all time frames, you can truly get a sense of the direction of a currency pair. Also, there is a hidden bonus in this indicator which even the author doesn't even mention! If your strategy is sensitive to volatility, that is if you need to know if a currency pair is trading frequently or infrequently, the speed at which the numbers change within the indicator will give you a perfect sense of how much volatility is in the market. This is by far my favorite indicator!

2016.05.06 20:52 

Excelente indicador para entrar y salir del Mercado. Puede ser mejorado colocando, una columna con la senal en colores incluyendo la hora de la senal. Tambien agregar una alarma con mensaje en la pantalla.

Fx taster
2016.04.07 11:50   

The seller is very helpful and this is a very nice and unique tool to have.

I bought this indicator and added it to my indicators library with some other indicators I bought from this seller.

Daria Angkadiredja
2016.04.04 12:09 

It's really great tool!!! Just test it and always gave excellent result, Grazie molto! This is indicator what I love because my trading strategy is based on volume and pips range per day and week, make it confluence with support/Resistant always gave excellent entry :) Already a day after I bought it,

this tools is also protect me and warning me to not make reversal this hour although price already in today resistant, I obey the Delta Panel, then yes the price still go up....because indeed in the panel the volume from M1 until W1 shows fresh number (1..2..up)start from green color in an early number are going to grow make rebound....thanks to Delta Panel which avoid me to not make a mistake! Highly recommended! So this tool looks like a must have indicator help another indicator BUy SELL product as we often see in the market which always repaint! :)

163007 Hailey
2016.03.15 19:03 

You can create a good trading plan from just watching the volume numbers in the panel. I use it to find trend reversal scalp trades. Excellent indicator!!!

Ikechukwu Emmanuel Okaro
2015.12.16 23:57 

Indicator looks very interesting...

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