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Adaptive Smart Trend Indicator MT4

Smart indicator Adaptive Smart Trend Indicator determines the sectors of the Trend and the Flat and also in the form of a histogram shows the breakdown points of the levels (1 - 5). 
The indicator performs many mathematical calculations to display more optimal Trend movements on the chart.

The program contains two indicators in one: 1 - draws the Trend and Flat sectors, 2 - the histogram indicator shows the best signals for opening an order.

The indicator autonomously calculates the most optimal sectors of the Trend and also shows the Flat sectors at which it is not recommended to trade (but depends on the preference of user trading).

The Trend sectors are used as the main indicator and the histogram indicator of the breakdown point of the levels (1 - 5) is used to confirm the signal (Buy, Sell or pending orders).   

The indicator uses many parameters for flexible adjustment of the indicator for any pairs and timeframes.
By default, the indicator is optimally configured for any currency pair and timeframe (indices, futures, cryptocurrencies and other currency of the instrument).

The indicator is designed with the ability to configure all parameters in accordance with your requirements. You can enable or disable any functions.

When the signal Buy / Sell the indicator will notify using notification: Alert,Sound signal, Email, Push.

Detailed description of all parameters here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/732077

This is a link for general discussion of the indicator: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/732077


  • Program_ID - The program number for using several indicators on one chart.
  • Max_Bars_History - Bars for drawing indicator.
  • Show_Trend - Show Trend Sectors.
  • Show_Flat - Show flat sectors.
  • Show_Information_in_Points - Show info points.
  • Show_Inscriptions_Trend_and_Flat - Show descriptions of Trend and Flat.
  • Show_Panel - Show info panel.ь.

  • Period_Volatility - The period for building the Trend and Flat.
  • Period_Smooth - The smoothing period for plotting Trend and Flat.
  • Period_Price_Smooth - The period of smoothing prices to build a Trend and Flat.

  • Period_Sensitivity - The sensitivity period for detecting the most accurate Trends and Flat.
  • Coefficient - Coefficient for building Trend and Flat.
  • Coefficient_Volatility - Volatility coefficient for building Trend and Flat.

  • Use_Additional_Mathematical_Averaging - If true, all period data is averaged.
  • Add_Period - The period for the histogram.
  • Period_Averaged - Averaging period for the histogram.
  • Bars_Back_to_Build_Levels - Bars back to build adaptive with 1-5 levels.

  • Style/width/Color_Lines - Style, width, color for the main chart.
    • Main_Chart_Shift_Bar_for_New_Trend_or_Flat - Bar shift of the main sectors of the Trend or Flat (only for the newest Trend or Flat).
    • Main_Chart_Color_Trend
    • Main_Chart_Color_Flat
    • Line_Style_Trend_and_Flat
    • Line_Width_Trend_and_Flat
    • Main_Chart_Color_Points_Trend
    • Main_Chart_Line_Style_Points_Trend
    • Main_Chart_Line_Width_Points_Trend
    • Main_Chart_Color_Points_Flat
    • Main_Chart_Line_Style_Points_Flat
    • Main_Chart_Line_Width_Points_Flat
    • Main_Chart_Color_Point
    • Main_Chart_Point_Width

  • Color Buttons - Button coloring for info panel.
    • Color_Text
    • Color_Panel
    • Color_Outlines
    • Color_Text_Button
    • Color_Background_Button
    • Color_Text_Button_Additional
    • Color_Background_Button_Additional
  • Style/width/Color_Lines - Style, width, color for the histogram.
    • Separate_Chart_Color_Main_Line
    • Separate_Chart_Main_Line_Style
    • Separate_Chart_Main_Line_Width
    • Color_Level_1
    • Color_Level_2 
    • Color_Level_3
    • Color_Level_4
    • Color_Level_5
    • Style_Levels
    • Width_Levels
    • Color_Labels_Start_and_Finish
    • Show_Labels_Start_and_Finish

Настройка уведомлений:

  • Select Level - Select a level for Notifications.
  • Sound_signal - Enable the audio signal.
  • Name_sound_signal - Signal audio file name.
  • Alert_signal - Enable alerts.
  • Email_signal - Enable email notifications.
  • PUSH_signal - Enable push notifications.

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