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Info body and shadow candles

'Info body and shadow candles' indicator colors the candle bodies and shadows according to the settings. For example, if the 'Size body candles' parameter is 10, the indicator looks for the candles having a body size of 10 or more. Candle shadows are calculated the same way. Detected candles can be colored (body color, shadow color). The indicator can be adjusted for both four- and five-digit quotes.


  • Enable coloring shadow candles - enable coloring candle shadows.
  • Size shadow candles - candle shadow size.
  • Enable coloring body candles - enable coloring candle bodies.
  • Size body candles - candle body size.
  • Color shadow candles - candle shadow color.
  • Color body candles - candle body color.
  • _2_ - True = auto adjustment to four- and five-digit quotes/False = manual adjustment.
  • choose from: - select.
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Versão 1.12 2020.04.06
Fixed minor bugs.