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Genesis Version 14

What is a robot? The robot is fully automated for trading, to compensate for the most expensive time. The robot takes the opportunity to passively earn you 5-10% per month! The most important observance of money management! Do not pursue a profit of 30-50% per month, if you are looking for such a robot, then you are not here! The robot has experienced the most important time, namely! This will not deplete your deposit in the amount of 500-1000 dollars a week, but will allow you to make a profit every month without fear of your deposit.

The principle of trading is based on the expectation of a return in the Bollinger range.

Some practicing traders who use universal strategies in general point to the greater profitability of the Soviet Union in cross-pairs, and also show that tests and practical trading better distribute the risks associated with a portfolio of major currency pairs allowed by the strategy.

The robot is developed by a large number of programmer traders. The key job is in the settings of the robot. Not a thousand tests were carried out with a simulation quality of 99.90%. The overall objective was to make a minimum landing on deposit. What has been achieved in the settings. There is a real account monitoring, and the weekly trading report will be published in the discussions every week.

In the discussion, the specified files will be added, 3 files with the correct settings, the rest are named by default. When buying, I send all the sets of failures with 13 currency pairs!
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