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Skynet Trend Zones

Skynet Trend Zones is based on classical indicators and some mathematical calculations and works in different market conditions for showing the trend. The principle of operation is as follows: if the price moves in a range, then a flat line is shown below or above the price depending on the previous trend; if the price moves down or up without a rollback, a line is shown at an angle to the price, and when a small rollback occurs, the indicator line is built again horizontally. Thus, you can work both in the flat zone on the rebound and in the trend.


  • Signals are not redrawn.
  • A large number of customizable parameters.
  • Visualization of the bullish and bearish trend.
  • Indicates trend, support and resistance.
  • Push notifications when trend changes.


  • distance - coefficient of distance from the price. The default value is 40;
  • velocity - coefficient for the speed. The default value is 10;
  • multiplier - coefficient for the trend zones. Low value (1-5) shows big trend zones, high value (5-20) shows intraday trend zones. The default value is 5;
  • smooth - period of the smoothing. The default value is 3;
  • notification - send messages to a mobile device (Metaquotes ID). The default value is 1;

Additional Information

Values of the distance parameter for M1: 5, M5: 10, M15: 25; M30: 50; H1: 100; H4: 200; D1: 500. It is recommended for use on H1, H4, D1.

The indicator works only with closed bars, no market entry signals are generated at the zero bar.

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