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Skynet Heiken Ashi

This indicator displays the short-term trend direction and flat areas in the same way as the classic Heiken Ashi indicator, but it is not plotted using candles or a moving average, but rather the Skynet Moving Average indicator.


  • no delay, or a slight delay when using the 'smooth' parameter.
  • customizable parameters for any price data and timeframes.
  • visualization of the flat and the short-term trend.
  • unlike the classic Heiken Ashi indicator, the frequency of candles changing from bullish to bearish and back is much lower.


  • squeeze - oscillation transmission coefficient (the higher the value, the more price fluctuations are passed). The default value is 5;
  • smooth - boundary smoothing coefficient. The default value is 1;
  • pricetype - use Open or High\Low prices. The default value is 1;

Additional Information

Settings of the squeeze parameter for different timeframes: M1: 1-2, M5: 1-4, M15: 2-8; M30: 4-16; H1: 10-20; H4: 20-40; D1: 40-100.

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