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ACB Trade Filter MT5

ACB Trade Filter indicator provides a way to filtering out the low probability trading entries in a trading strategy. The indicator uses a sophisticated filtration algorithm based on the market sentiment and trend. The MT4 version of the same indicator is available here ACB Trade Filter MT4


  • Works great with our indicator ACB Breakout Arrows MT5
  • Filter out low probability signals from any indicator.
  • Avoid over-trading and minimize the losses.
  • Trade in the direction of market sentiment and trend.
  • Avoid the choppiness in the market.

How to use

  • Only Long Positions if Histogram is green and Trend is bullish.
  • Only Short Trades if Histogram is red and Trend is bearish.
  • Avoid trading if the Histogram is gray or Trend is sideways.

Input Parameters

  • History Bars: The no. of bars on the chart to consider for indicator's data and calculation.
  • Filter mode: Normal filtration or Hard filtration.
  • Trend Detector: Show/Hide the trend direction.
  • Rest of the inputs are self-explanatory.

For EA developers

// Define Arrays

double Green_Histogram[];
double Red_Histogram[];
double Gray_Histogram[];
double Trend_Direction[];

// Define indicator handle

int Trade_Filter_Handle = iCustom(Symbol(),PERIOD_CURRENT,"Market/ACB Trade Filter");

// Copy buffer into arrays


// Reading Histogram color

if(Green_Histogram[0]==1.5)  // Histogram is green
if(Red_Histogram[0]==1.5)    // Histogram is red
if(Gray_Histogram[0]==1.5)   // Histogram is gray

// Reading trend direction

if(Trend_Direction[0]==1)   // Trend is bullish
if(Trend_Direction[0]==-1)  // Trend is bearish
if(Trend_Direction[0]==0)   // Trend is sideway

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