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This Expert Advisor is recommended for newbies.

Bott is a Scalper Expert Advisor.

  • The expert advisor is running on price action on entry analysis and winning trades use trail stop to maximize the profit and uses stop-loss on reversing trade to minimize losses.
  • The entry plan is to catch the general trend and catch some pips on that trend. 
  • In case the entry is not in favor and price reverses, it uses a Stop-Loss 
  • Lotsizing is specifically based on the parameter "Money Management". 

Very Important Settings

  • Account Type: Please use ECN only. Some brokers call it "Raw Spread" account type. Using other account type is a sure way to lose all your fund. 
  • Timeframe: D1
  • Currency Pair: Preferably GBPJPY only. Use other pairs at your own risk.

Money Management Formula

Please see Parameters

Lots = (Account Balance / MM) * Baselotsize


  • Money Management - This is used to divide the Account Balance then multiplies it to BaseLotsize. Use default.
  • Base Lotsize - The lotsize multiplier after calculating the Money Management parameter.  Use default.
  • Stop Loss in Points - This is to protect the fund. Use default. 

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