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This indicator can determine the current direction of the market and the most probable future direction on the basis of its own algorithms which only analyze the price action. The indicator calculates and displays current buy/sell levels, as well as required buy/sell levels for a balanced movement. The indicator generates buy/sell signals. These signals can be filtered both manual and automatically, and you can also enable both filters.


  • fast, convenient, easy
  • working wherever possible (there is no limit on the trading instruments and timeframes)
  • not lagging, not redrawn

Input parameters

  • Period - the main parameter, the number of bars/candlesticks for calculating the levels, the trend. (Minimum value is 2)
  • Shift icon vertically in points - vertical shift of the arrow from the high/low price in points
  • the number of points for the signals - the size of the manual filter in points. (Minimum value is 0). Set the values ​​in accordance with an allowable market noise in the current time frame (1,2,3, ...) (for five-digit quotes 1,2,3, ... 10,11,12, ...)
  • arrow - the type of arrows
  • additional signal filter (on/off) - enable/disable the automatic filter of signals
  • the number of points to filter - the size of the automatic filter in points. (Minimum value is 1).
If you have any questions concerning the product, please feel free to write a comment.
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