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Trend Line Super Order

Smart tool system for opening orders by Trend Line automatic.

  • Just drag a Trend line to define your breakout point then click "Confirm Order" button.
  • The EA will automatically opening order when price breakout Trend line that defined by you.
  • Work on live and back test (Strategy Tester)
  • Can modify trend line on real-time.

Note: Free Demo version for testing can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11289


  • Drag trend line for open trading by when price breakout that line.
  • Set stop-loss and take profit by using trend line.
  • Can use on live and back test (Strategy Tester).
  • Can modify trend line on real-time.
  • "Cancel/Reset" button for clear chart and close opening order.

Input Parameters

   1. Default Lot Size

  • Custom default lot size setting , can be change later on chart screen.

   2. Default Line Distance (pips)

  • Custom default distance between trend line , can be change later (real-time dragging on chart screen) 

   3. Add Custom SL TP

  • If = " True" : EA will add stop loss and take profit to order that's opening  ( Please note : If you turn on this function , You can still use trend line for close order too.)
  • if = "False" : EA will open order without stop Loss and take profit , All orders will only close by your trend line.

   4. Custom SL

  • Custom stop loss level (Refer parameter input 3)

   5. Custom TP

  • Custom take profit level (Refer parameter input 3)

   6. Line Width setting.

  • Custom width of trend line.

   7. Auto Chart Setup

  • Automatic chart shift and remove grid on screen.

   8. Magic Start

  • If you run another EA on your account at the same time.
  • Set magic number for all orders opened by the EA here , You should set it with a unique number.

witman26 2018.11.07 18:29 

Good EA for low many! It works great.

Chaiya Srisawat
Chaiya Srisawat 2017.01.12 05:58 

too complicate to use, it has not good interface so need a lot improvement. I buy and throw away. so I give 1 star..

remeron 2016.12.27 21:34 

Super Order resizes chart when applied to chart may b good if u only use one chart but if u have a bunch of charts set up the way u like them this super order will mess up all charts for these reason i can not use and give one star.

Karl Ritsert
Karl Ritsert 2016.03.20 11:55 

Hi Siwakon

I bought the EA for a couple of days and I used it my live account. And it is working fine!

Versão 2.1 2019.04.17
- Add Custom Main Stop Loss / Take Profit level input parameters to every order.

* Please note : If turn this function on , You can still use Stop Loss / Take Profit Trend Line to close order.
Versão 2.0 2019.04.12
- Improve graphic design for easy use.
- Add default Lot size input.
- Add default Line Distance (Pips) input.
- Add Auto Chart Setup input.
- Auto delete all objects when expert removed.
- Fix overlap comment problem.
- Remove unnecessary function for speed improve.
Versão 1.20 2016.08.11
- Can be tun for back test (Strategy Tester).
You can back test by enabling "Visual Mode" checkbox in Strategy Tester.

- Improved performance and screen display.
- Added "Line Width" input parameter.
Versão 1.10 2015.08.19
Fixed bug of Hedging function (Order send repeatedly problem).