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Trend Line Super Order Demo

Just drag trend line to open an order automatically when the price breaks out your trend line.

The EA helps to open an order with Trend line. You only need to drag a Trend line to define your breakout point.

The EA will automatically conduct the buying when the price goes above the drawn Trend line defined by you.

Note: This demo version is for testing on CADCHF pair only.

The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11202


  • Financial management function (Lot is calculated from % of account balance)
  • Stop loss and take profit values can be adjusted in real time.
  • Hedging function (Set 2-way Trend line for both Buy and Sell at the same time)
  • E-mail notification function when opening, closing order.
  • The EA is capable of supporting work on every broker, every pair.

Input Parameters

  • Money Management: True/False (Lot is calculated from % of account balance)
  • Alert_To_Email: Enter your E-mail address to receive notification when opening, closing order.
  • Magic_Start: Set magic number for all orders opened by the EA. You should set it with a unique number if you run another EA on your account at the same time.
Ali irwan
2017.07.28 13:51 

very interesting

Version 1.20 - 2016.08.11
- Can be run for back test (Strategy Tester).
You can back test by enabling "Visual Mode" checkbox in Strategy Tester.

- Improved performance and screen display.
- Added "Line Width" input parameter.