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OneClickClose Free

This is a forex supporting tool for all manual traders.
You can close positions immediately at once on the MT4 Terminal by a single click.

  • CLOSE SELL: You can close SHORT positions of the target currency pair (same as the chart you’re using this EA).

  • CLOSE BUY: Same as above but LONG positions will be closed.

  • CLOSE ALL: All opened positions will be closed (no matter of currency pairs).

  • You can select the closing method from CLOSE ALL or CLOSE ONE BY ONE.

  • You can choose the positions to be closed by the magic numbers. (This can give you the possibility to control positions opened by other EAs)

Multiple Close Function

“True” is the default. You can close all SHORT or LONG positions of the currency pair you’re using the OneClickClose EA.

If you select “False” the OneClickClose EA will close positions from the newest to older one by one.

All Close Button

This function will close ALL opened positions. No matter of what currency pair you are using the EA on, this will close EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, or whatever positions on your account.

If you click this button accidentally it can be a tragedy. We recommend you to disable this function when you are not wishing to use it.

This function is for the daily traders; finishing the trading day and we wish to close every single position which still remain opened (or wishing to close everything before the weekend, something that often happen to us)

Filter by MagicNumber function

You can close LONG or SHORT positions filtering by magic numbers. (As per mentioned above, CLOSE BUY and CLOSE SELL only manage the same currency pair on which you’re using OneClickClose EA).

I use this function before the big important news of a certain currency; for example Brexit events.

Also please be in mind that if you wish to manage the manually opened position, you shall use “Magic Number = 0”.

This could be useful if you open some positions manually on a same account where you’re trading systematically with other EAs.


---Close Setting---

Slippage: Slippage to be permitted when you’re closing positions.

SuccessSound: You may use another sound file.

Multiple Close Setting: True will close all target positions. False will close one by one from the newest. (Only valid for CLOSE BUY, CLOSE SELL)

---Buttons Configuration---

ButtonsX: You can modify the buttons positions (axis X)

ButtonsY: You can modify the buttons positions (axis Y)

Font Size: Default 11

Buttons Height: Default 40

Buttons Width: Default 120

ButtonColour(SELL): Default Medium Blue.

ButtonTextsColour(SELL): Default White.

ButtonTextsColour(BUY): Default Crimson.

ButtonColour(BUY): Default white.

Use AllClose Button: True will make visible the AllClose Button

AllCloseX: Default 250

AllCloseY: Default 40

AllCloseButton font size: 11

AllClose Height: 40

AllClose Width: 120

AllCloseButtonColour: Default Yellow

AllCloseFontColour: Black.

---Filtering by Magic Number---

Filtering by Magic Number: Default false.

MagicNumberList(Max30): You can input target magic numbers up to 30. Please separate them by comma (ex. 0,111,123456,777777,42515).

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