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Hi, I need an EA to read alerts provided by my MT4 indicator and send to my Binary Options Telegram Channel. The message should be like the example below (with emojis): 🎩 SIGNAL ALERT🎩 ⏳ Timeframe: M5 💰 Pair: GBPJPY ⏰ Entry: 14:55 📊 Order: PUT 🐣 1 GALE I should be able to choose to send the signal for the next candle or for the same candle. Each signal message should be replied with one of the 4 possible
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Modify existing mql4 indicators mql5 (personal job)
60+ USD
Good day Please modify the below mt4 indicators into mt5: -Bheurekso Pattern -Brilliant Reversals -Support & resistance -Keltner Channel with signals The indicatos should work exactly as they do on mt4. No deviation please
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(1) MQL5 Indicators
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Convert MQ4 to MQ5 script. And fix the progressive balance risk in both the MQ4 file and the MQ5 file. The balance should be checked daily and a percent of balance to be used for the lot size. Keep the if risk = 0 use fixed lot size
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Only if you can deliver immediately today I just need a file that can close manual trade I opened example if I open trade manually what the file does is to close all open position once hit my profit target and I can set maximum dd the account can have it will have maximum dd by % and by $ option if I set maximum dd to $500 that’s if i choose $ option then once account is on exactly -$500 let the file close all open
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The assignment Apply both Bheurekso Pattern and TMA centered Bands on the Charts. The EA opens orders as bullish and bearish arrows appears at the certain level. Not all arrows triggers an order. The indicators are attached here for you to test them. SETTINGS Magic Number: 0001 (default) Order type: Buy only or Sell only and Buy & Sell Lot Size : 0.2 (default) True/fasle TP: Pip Value True/fasle TP: When the price
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Expert Advisor in mql5 (personal job)
200+ USD
This documentation outlines the requirements for developing an Expert Advisor (EA) using MQL5 for trading USOil. The EA will use three EMA indicators and will implement a grid trading strategy with varying lot sizes based on specific price levels. The primary objective is to manage buy and sell orders based on the current price and EMA values
30 - 60 USD
I seek someone with extensive knowledge in: - General Trading and Algorithms - Risk Management - MT5 (MT4) - MQL5 (MQL4) - C/C++ (for DLLs) - ** MetaQuotes' Signals Service (careful build 4150) and Myfxbook/SignalStart - VPS (Windows Servers) With my experience in trading, I aim to enhance my knowledge for effective risk management across multiple accounts and strategies. I need precise answers to specific questions
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Other Consultation Forex C++ C#
30+ USD
Hello I have a EA for mt5 that takes 1 trade its supposed to take multiple trades from a indicator that is uses can someone help me modify the code tot take all trades that the indicator generates if the guy who was helping before Vitaly sees this please apply if your free
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30 - 150 USD
Hello! It is required to download real volume data from the histogram ! So that I can constantly download data from there for the MT5 platform... for example, data for the last 3 years for the selected instrument
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(1) MQL5 Experts
30 - 60 USD
Dear developer. I hope you can help me... I have tried to bring together an EA bot for MT4 for a while now as taking the human out of the equation also removes the emotion. This strategy will execute buys and sells on any market, including forex based on momentum and sentiment at market open. The attached pdf has all the rules. Please get in touch with any other questions... I can send through various examples if
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I need some one who can convert my MT4 indicator to MT5. it is a simple conversion no extra upgrade is needed. its very important that it works on the MT5 platform exactly as it does on the MT4
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I need a mt4 EA based on Daily market open prices (personal job)
30+ USD
1. I need an EA which will make trades according to the daily market open prices. 2. BUY TRADE: Let’s say today gold’s opening price is 2328.60, so if the candle closes above the opening price (2328.60) our EA should open a BUY TRADE and the SL will be closing a candle below that daily open price (2328.60) and TP should be 30-40 pips which we can manage in the input setting. 3. SELL TRADE: Let’s say today gold’s
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(2) MQL4 Experts
40 - 50 USD
Hi greetings I will like to convert my existing Pine script strategy to MT4 EA I want to develop Mt4 trading bot based on this tradingview strategy and add licence to the bot in order to give access to others
100 - 150 USD
Hello, I need an professional developer who can help me on this. would you be able to develop a plugins/strategy for ATAS in C#? Also, I need you to explain in well details And your fast response will be appreciated. Thanks
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MQL5 Other
EA (personal job)
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Hello I have this MT4 indicator is is possible to convert to trading view indicator. I have pdf for strategy as well if needed, You must make sure you are an expert in this
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Create multi direction EA (personal job)
70+ USD
As discussed need to create a multi direction ea which will close trades when in profit and continue opening trades in the same direction it was closed in. Risk management and DD management is a must. Please see attached for more info. Thanks
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Modify Existing EA that you created (personal job)
30 - 75 USD
Hey, This is the EA that you created for my trading partner pepperbradford. I'd like to modify it using Fib retracement. Using the same 9ema and 30 wma and high/low 50 dots. After the first dot, Entry will be valid upon price retrace to the 0.618 Fib line, initial stop 2 pips below/above the 1.27 Fib line. Target 1 is 1 to 1 and Target 2 will be the opposite signal dot appear and price retrace to the 30wma. I hope
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
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Need a skilled developer to create ea. from an indicator with parameters such as market /pending order ,enter trade ,exit trade take profit . stop loss. .lock my profit. Alert display information of floating p/l ,alert lot increase option, exit trade More information will be provided have source file of the indicators used in this ea
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hi i need someone that can make an ea like the ea that i attached here but with some changes. i want that the ea open buy and sell order with a fixed lot and after that the ea has to open with exponential lot but not like the ea that i attached ( etc. lot) i need that the ea open with ( and after that and soo on) i need also to have a step lot option soo i can change the distance between
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