Discord signal Copier EA/API

2020.06.28 Experts Integration


I need an expert consultant (EA) a discord Signal copier to be developed for MT4

This is a modification the the telegram version 


The EA should cover the following functions:


 Read trading signals published in discord channels on MT4 - following example format:




SL:   1.24990

TP1: 1.25790

TP2: 1.26090

TP3: 1.26590



SL:   1.3700

TP1: 1.3600 

TP2 :1.3550 

TP3: 1.3500


- The order parameters such as Pair, Buy / Sell, TP, SL, entry price / immediate execution must be respected according to the signal.


- Management / update of negotiations based on the signal, for example change of SL for a specific order

- Ability to use your own TP, SL (especially if no TP and SL signal is provided).


-If a trade has multiple TP levels like the examples above, the EA should be able to partially close a percentage of the trade at each TP level.


-We should be able to define this% of the trade closure by TP level.


- When the exchange reaches TP1, SL will be automatically moved to the entry point.


-I would also like the option to adjust SL at each TP level. For example, I should have the option for SL to be moved to TP 1 when TP 2 is reached.

-I would also like the option to adjust the lot sized. I would prefer if this was dynamic and allowed me to use 1% per trade

I require the demo version of EA in ex4 file with expiration date before starting work. I will try it, if it works I will proceed with the work.

I have the discord side of the program working so the main function required is the api, once its all complete and mixed together i am more than welcome to share sources of the completed project 

I request the mq4 file of the final source code at the end of the work.

Project information

30 - 60 USD
VAT (20%): 6 - 12 USD
Total: 36 - 72 USD
For the developer
27 - 54 USD
from 0 to 7 day(s)


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