Very Glitchy MetaTrader



Anything you can suggest to help me out would be appreciated. 

I have been using MT5 for a few weeks and have made a few experts, tested with debugger and backtesting.  All was great.  However, since a few days ago, MT5 is acting VERY glitchy.  Some things I am seeing:

1. Breakpoints aren't working.  They were working just fine, then suddenly, they simply just do not stop operation in the debug mode.  I cannot get a breakpoint to trigger.  The debugger ignores them.

2. My default template gets overridden after about a second.  I load the default template, which is a basic 5min EURUSD chart, then it flashes, and all of the indicators that were on an older chart are added.  Weirder yet, indicators I was working with from my previous session, are put on the chart.  I can't get around it.  It is VERY frustrating.

3. Simple things like the Editor settings don't work. I changed something simple like the number of spaces and behavior of a tab, and it simply does not change anything.  The settings stay as I set them, but the settings do nothing.  The old settings persist.

What is going on?  Any recommendation on why all of this is happening?  Ideas???

...and I thought TWS was as bad as it could get...


Update: Now the debugger is not even running.  It was adding my indicators to the chart when I run the debugger, but it is not even doing that now.   Seems the debugger is not executing.  I have done nothing since my last post.



If you have a question, first of all you should show the first three lines from the 'Journal' tab

(select these lines, copy to the clipboard and paste into the message using the button Code). It should look like this:

2021.03.16 05:13:07.133 Terminal        MetaTrader 5 x64 build 3003 started for MetaQuotes Software Corp.
2021.03.16 05:13:07.134 Terminal        Windows 10 build 19042, Intel Core i7-9750H  @ 2.60GHz, 26 / 31 Gb memory, 842 / 947 Gb disk, IE 11, UAC, GMT+2
2021.03.16 05:13:07.134 Terminal        C:\Users\barab\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075


AVX versions - post


Thanks for your patience.  See below.

Is there a memory cache that needs to be cleared?  It seems to progress as time goes by?

2021.03.16 21:00:19.367 Terminal        MetaTrader 5 x64 build 2832 started for MetaQuotes Software Corp.
2021.03.16 21:00:19.368 Terminal        Windows 10 build 19041, Intel Core i5-10400  @ 2.90GHz, 7 / 11 Gb memory, 365 / 460 Gb disk, IE 11, UAC, GMT-5
2021.03.16 21:00:19.368 Terminal        C:\Users\anbin\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075

Metatrader 5 version got 2 type of released, "Latest Release Version" and "Beta Version".

Try to roll back to previous version of 2815. See if it is ok.

2021.03.17 09:42:38.710 Terminal        MetaTrader 5 x64 build 2815 started for MetaQuotes Software Corp.
2021.03.17 09:42:38.710 Terminal        Windows 10 build 19042, Intel Core i3-6100  @ 3.70GHz, 5 / 7 Gb memory, 149 / 222 Gb disk, IE 11, UAC, GMT+8
2021.03.17 09:42:38.710 Terminal        C:\Users\syami\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\D0E8209F77C8CF37AD8BF550E51FF075