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Script for automated EA testing

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Londa_ 2016.09.21 19:34 

Hi everybody,

i am enjoying myself in writing EA for automated trading. I want to set a script that does the following:

  1.  Test my EA on historical data
  2. Write the results on a file
  3. Change the relative weights of the EA's indicator signals  ( it has 4 indicators and makes the weighted mean of those trading signals)
  4. repeat from point 1
The problem here is that i can't find a class that lets me test the EA without setting the "strategy tester" manually and then pressing the start button.

It could take forever if I have to make each simulation start manually.... Can anyone help me? Is there a class that can help me?

Otherwise, can I script the "press the start button in the window" maybe using java or c++? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance to everybody for the cooperation. Cheers.

Londa_ 2016.09.22 14:46  

Guys nobody knows? Please X((

Or should i move it into another section? I just don't know the forum so sorry if this is an off-section discussion... Maybe someone can move it for me=?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.09.22 14:58  

This is nothing wrong with the forum section.
This is 'nobody knows', or 'not enough information from you for reply'.

If you need some coding for example so you may consider this Freelance service (but I am not sure that you need it)

Londa_ 2016.09.22 16:42  

Hey, thank for the reply buddy.

I've read lots of your posts on the basic EA stuff, found them helpful.

As far as I am, i don't think i will be able to figure this out myself... I will just need some help from someone more skilled... Here or somewhere else 

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