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Invalid EX5 File (12)

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Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes 2016.10.07 12:16 
I am getting a custom indicator error 'invalid EX5 File (12)' in MT5 terminal. What is confusing is that this same indicator shows up just fine in two out of five open chart windows. I do use a lot of indicators on the chart. Most of them use 8 buffers. Perhaps the terminal runs out of memory that the system allocates to it since the indicator does not show up and gives the above error only on some of the charts. I also run the same indicators in MT4 with twice as many charts open, and it works just fine. I would appreciate it if someone can explain what the above error means and whether there is a solution. My system is Windows 7, 32 bit, with 2GB of Ram. The MT5 terminal takes 141,832 KB of RAM with the five charts open as described above.
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