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Strategy Checklist: This indicator allows you to define a checklist for you to manually check and confirm your strategy before entering into a trade. Author: Carlos Oliveira
Binary Flags : How to minimize bool parameters in a function signature? Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
RSI EA v2: RSI EA - trading based on overbought/oversold zones determined by the iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI) indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
MA Ribbon: The indicator shows the areas, where fast MA and slow MA cross. Author: Automated-Trading
SMTP Mail Library: Library for sending mail messages. Author: Andrey Voytenko
New article How to Post a Product in the Market is published: Publish your interesting applications in the Market, and they will be immediately available to all traders who use MetaTrader 5 worldwide. The Market is a great opportunity to earn, with an immediate transfer to the account and convenient...
Simple MA EA: Really simple EA for those who needs an example and for those who is looking for something to try out new Strategy Tester. EA is based on two MA lines. If one lines is crossing another then SELL or BUY. Author: outkast
New article Multicurrency monitoring of trading signals (Part 2): Implementation of the visual part of the application has been published: In the previous article, we created the application framework, which we will use as the basis for all further work. In this part, we will proceed with the
Transfer trades from the tester report to the chart: The script is designed to transfer trades from the standard report of the MetaTrader 4 tester to the chart. It transfers to the chart: Entry Points. Displayed by characters separately for long and short positions. The character codes can be set...
Weis Waves: Volume Wave indicator originally idealized by Richard D. Wyckoff. Author: Minions Labs
New article Graphical Interfaces X: Time control, List of checkboxes control and table sorting (build 6) has been published: Development of the library for creating graphical interfaces continues. The Time and List of checkboxes controls will be covered this time. In addition, the CTable class now...
  Experts: Grid Template EA (27   1 2 3)
Grid Template EA: Grid Template EA - A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development or use 'as is' Author: Kenneth Parling
  Indicators: Master Tools (37   1 2 3 4)
Master Tools: Master Tools is a mix of 4 of my other indicators: Money Manager Graphic Tool, ToolBox, Support Resistance - Tools, Change Timeframe. Author: takycard
Quick Market-watch Launcher : This script opens all market watch symbols with the default template using the selected period. Save prefferred template as default.tpl to have all charts open with same template of your choice. Happy Trading. Author: Nelson Wanyama
Forex Scalping With SMA and Stochastics: Short description. Author: Tai Vo
PivotPoint: Pivot Points are always very useful for trading, this is a simple way to have some idea of where the market is heading during the day. The indicator also provides the first three supports and resistances. The orange line is the pivot point of the day, the red lines are supports and...
New article Triangular arbitrage has been published: The article deals with the popular trading method - triangular arbitrage. Here we analyze the topic in as much detail as possible, consider the positive and negative aspects of the strategy and develop the ready-made Expert Advisor code. The...
ZigZag Semaphore (semfore) Indicator: This indicator places a mark (a semaphore) at the zig zag for each of 4 zig zag evaluation lengths. Author: LukeB
  Indicators: SL&TP Values (20   1 2)
SL&TP Values: Indicator displays the value of defined stop loss and or take profit in the deposit currency. Note: It calculates an estimated value based on a simple calculation and does not take into account brokerage commissions. Author: MhFx7
ENGULFING: "ENGULFING" EA Trades when there is an ENGULFING pattern. Author: Aharon Tzadik
Alphabet structure : Sets of latin, russian characters, digits, punctuation, etc. Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 35): Bar object and symbol timeseries list has been published: This article starts a new series about the creation of the DoEasy library for easy and fast program development. In the current article, we will implement the library functionality for
Basic check-up of Experts for MQL4 : This is a simple function for the initial control of an expert. Author: Ali Poormomen
  Experts: RSI EA (124   1 2 3 4 5 ... 12 13)
RSI EA: RSI EA based on overbought and oversold levels. Author: Siti Latifah 
manual trade by keyboard: After looking for many Trading concepts and requirements of my own tried to code an EA. First collected many EA's and tried their codes I re-designed the following codes for my own needs to use for trading. Hope you also find the EA helps you .. Have healthy life and...
Corrected volume weighted moving average: Corrected volume weighted moving average Author: Mladen Rakic
New article Using Self-Organizing Feature Maps (Kohonen Maps) in MetaTrader 5 is published: One of the most interesting aspects of Self-Organizing Feature Maps (Kohonen maps) is that they learn to classify data without supervision. In its basic form it produces a similarity map of input data...
Smoothed CCI: Smoothed CCI Author: Mladen Rakic 
Holt's double exponential smoothing (mt4 version): Holt's double exponential smoothing with linear forecasting. Author: Mladen Rakic
MT5-RingSystemEA: It's a triangular arbitrage system (three pairs correlation system) to use 3 currencies to make 3 pairs to open hedge orders on those. The expert starts opening six orders for each ring (3 plus and 3 minus) and wait to move prices in one direction to make a grid of orders. Author