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Fish: A version of the Fisher Transform indicator implemented in the form of a color histogram. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Hull Moving Average (HMA): Hull Moving Average (HMA) that can change its color. HMA is used for determining market entries and exits. The indicator principle is quite simple: when the price moves upwards, the line is colored in violet, when the price goes downwards, the line color changes for red...
iCompass: This indicator uses Moving Average to detect markets trend. It's a very useful tool for manual trading. Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
Power of JPY: Power of JPY indicator shows actual strength of currency JPY calculated of 7 pairs that contain JPY.Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: USD JPY, EUR JPY, GBP JPY, AUD JPY, CAD JPY, NZD JPY, CHF JPY. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY
cluser indicator CC and CCFp updated: The original cluster CC and CCFP indicators by Simeon Semenych and can be found on from and this artical also descripted how to use the cluster indicator. This updated version has features below: 1) the indicator refeshed Author...
Double smoothed EMA - multi time frame version: Short description. Author: Mladen Rakic
MA Trend: A trading system based on indicator iMA (Moving Average, MA). Author: Vladimir Karputov
Lot sizing risk based and also converting the currency of the account: Hi, so I just made a little code here that will help out a lot of coders that hate doing this (I count myself in it haha). It's made to calculate the lot size of a position based on the risk input and the account size+currency
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TREND_alexcud: A multi-timeframe indicator. It shows the trend direction of several time charts in a separate window. Author: Aleksander
MA_Slope: The MA Slope indicator Author: Scriptor
Disable auto trading but ONLY for a specific EA: Simple Script to disable the Autotrading for the EA on the chart.If you just want to use the DLL, check the code and comment/uncomment the necessary Author: Noe Combes Bardoll
OC Momentum: Simple oscillator with a histogram. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY
New article Testing and Optimization of Expert Advisors has been published: The article provides a detailed description of the process of testing and optimizing Expert Advisors in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester. The importance of such information and the need for this publication cannot be...
Smoothed Bar to Bar Correlation: The Correlation Indicator provides a smoothed bar to bar correlation value. Author: Richard Poster
Drag and Drop Support and Resistance "segment lines" with color differentiation : Draw several resistance and support lines as a "little segment line", differentiating the color of both types of line Author: blackhawk
Trend Indicators: A small set of the trend indicators. Author: Victor Nikolaev
RJTX_Matches_Smoothed_Alert_xx: RJTX_Matches_Smoothed_Alert indicator features alerts, emails and push notifications. The input variables allow replacing the displayed indicator symbols Author: Nikolay Kositsin
SendPush: The simplest script to send instant PUSH-notifications to smartphone Author: Nikolay Kositsin
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Milestone: Trade 5min charts mostly EURUSD. Added news filter from Forex Factory and stops. Loads of versions inside. Good luck Author: Trevor Schuil
New article Econometric approach to finding market patterns: Autocorrelation, Heat Maps and Scatter Plots has been published: The article presents an extended study of seasonal characteristics: autocorrelation heat maps and scatter plots. The purpose of the article is to show that "market memory" is
UltraRSI: This indicator is based on RSI (Relative Strength Index) and its multiple signal lines analysis. A trend direction in this indicator is determined by the cloud color, while its power is determined by the cloud width. You can use the overbought (UpLevel) and oversold (DnLevel) levels that...
New article Working with Doubles in MQL4 has been published: In this note we will consider a typical programming errors, that occurs while working with double numbers in MQL4 programs. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Power of AUD: Power of AUD indicator shows actual strength of currency AUD calculated of 7 pairs that contains AUD.Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR AUD, GBP AUD, AUD USD, AUD CAD, AUD NZD, AUD JPY, AUD CHF. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY
Timer: Timer is a break trough system. Author: Matus German
Absolute Strength Averages: Absolute strength of averages. It is upgraded to use the possible 18 types of averages in calculation. Author: Mladen Rakic
Volume Profile + Range v6.0: Volume Profile + Range v6.0 (former TPO). Distribution of deals by price levels at a given time interval. Displayed as a histogram. Author: Olexiy Polyakov
JJN-Autopitchforx: Automatic Andrews, Schiff or modified Schiff pitchforks. Author: Gordon Gekko
New article Studying candlestick analysis techniques (part IV): Updates and additions to the application has been published: The article presents a new version of the Pattern Analyzer application. This version provides bug fixes and new features, as well as the revised user interface. Comments and...
Open Positions Indi: Displays open position: Profit or Loss + Lots Long or Short + Pips or Points Author: file45
VininI Cyber Cyсle [v01]: VininI Cyber Cycle - Identify cyclical movements of price, based on VininI_Cyber Cycle(V2).mq4 by Victor Nicolaev (2009) Author: traderak20