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Stochastic with support / resistance levels: Stochastic with support / resistance levels Author: Mladen Rakic
indicator for day trading 5 min chart: This is useful if you want to earn and work on 5 min chart . it uses bb , ma 10, ma50 , Psar, slow s, one faster s and macd along with rsi to give a perfect view of market . if you need some help let me know in the comments. Only works in mq4 language .just...
  Libraries: gSpeak Build 6xx (25   1 2 3)
gSpeak Build 6xx: The gSpeak dll for MetaTrader Build 6xx Author: Ahmed Soliman
dTrends: Arrow trends by iBearsPower and iBullsPower indicator for MT5 Author: Roberto Jacobs
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part IX): Compatibility with MQL4 - Preparing data has been published: In the previous articles, we started creating a large cross-platform library simplifying the development of programs for MetaTrader 5...
Spreader: An Expert Advisor for two currency pairs Author: Vladimir Karputov
Flag and Pennant patterns: This indicator shows Flag and Pennant patterns. Author: fxborg
Сlose positions by result, time passed or at specific time: This EA will watch your open positions and close the ones that meet the preset conditions. Author: George Alexander
Triangular moving average: Triangular moving average Author: Mladen Rakic
New article Developing a cross-platform grider EA (part II): Range-based grid in trend direction has been published: In this article, we will develop a grider EA for trading in a trend direction within a range. Thus, the EA is to be suited mostly for Forex and commodity markets....
VR---ZVER v.2: It is a further development of the first VR---ZVER version. The new version features trailing stop, a separate flag for allowing/prohibiting BUY positions, a separate flag for allowing/prohibiting SELL positions. Author: Vladimir Karputov
MA Cross Alert Once: When two Moving Averages cross the indicator will alert once per cross between crosses and mark the cross point with down or up arrow. Author: file45
Utility to view the statistics for a Single Bar of any time frame: The utility will display the high, low, open, close and time statistics for any user selected bar of any timeframe for the symbol of the chart the utility resides on. Author: LukeB
EA Stop Order: The Expert Advisor places a grid of pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders. Input Values Profit purpose (in money) - profit target in money; Use Buy stop - enable/disable Buy Stop orders; Use Sell stop - enable/disable Sell Stop orders;...
Virtual Trailing Stop: Virtual Trailing Stop. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Indicator Subwindow Controls - Buttons has been published: In this article, we will consider an example of developing a user interface with button controls. To convey the idea of interactivity to the user, buttons will change their colors when the cursor hovers over them....
Engulfing Stochastic: Detect bullish and bearish engulfing candles when entering the overbought or oversold territory. We have all seen a currency pair enter the overbought or oversold territory and stay there for long periods of time. What this indicator does is gives you the emphasis. So...
Weekly Open Horizontal Line + Horizontal Target Lines: Draws a Weekly Open Horizontal Line and Horizontal Target Line above and below the Weekly Open Line. Author: file45
Multi Forex Scanner: Instead of having to analyze each pair individually, you can see at a glance what are the most promising pairs according to your own criteria. Author: Carlos Oliveira 
New article Superposition and Interference of Financial Securities has been published: The more factors influence the behavior of a currency pair, the more difficult it is to evaluate its behavior and make up future forecasts. Therefore, if we managed to extract components of a currency pair,...
Candle trader v1: Uses candlestick signals to trade. Author: Tonny Obare
ThirdPartyTicks: A library for working with a third-party tick archive. Author: fxsaber
Basket Viewer-View Statistics on groups of Long and Short Pairs: This utility allows monitoring of multiple symbols and positions on one chart, with one group for long (buy) symbols, and another group for short (sell) symbols. Author: LukeB
Didi Needles - With Filtering: Classic version (on Chart) of Didi Needles indicator, now with a filtering threshold. Author: Minions Labs
Fibo Pivots: Fibonacci Pivot points indicator that can draw any number of levels for any of the known timeframes usable by MetaTrader 5. To insert any level, simply enter the level in the levels parameter separated by ";" in the list of levels. Defaults used are...
USDX: The US dollar index against a basket of basic currencies. Author: Scriptor
Generic_Index: Generic Index Indicator. Author: Scriptor
Kalman filter: Fast adaptive trend line is an estimate of the trend line. Author: John Smith
StochasticAlerts: StochasticAlerts is base of the Indicator Stochastic Oscillator by MetaQuotes Software Corp. with alert and email alert and option to display trader info and signal. Author: Roberto Jacobs
New article How to Install and Use OpenCL for Calculations is published: It has been over a year since MQL5 started providing native support for OpenCL. However not many users have seen the true value of using parallel computing in their Expert Advisors, indicators or scripts. This article serves...