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New article Neural networks made easy (Part 10): Multi-Head Attention has been published: We have previously considered the mechanism of self-attention in neural networks. In practice, modern neural network architectures use several parallel self-attention threads to find various dependencies
New article Combination scalping: analyzing trades from the past to increase the performance of future trades has been published: The article provides the description of the technology aimed at increasing the effectiveness of any automated trading system. It provides a brief explanation of the idea
New article Other classes in DoEasy library (part 69): Chart object collection class has been published: With this article, I start the development of the chart object collection class. The class will store the collection list of chart objects with their subwindows and indicators providing the
New article Prices in DoEasy library (part 60): Series list of symbol tick data has been published: In this article, I will create the list for storing tick data of a single symbol and check its creation and retrieval of required data in an EA. Tick data lists that are individual for each used
New article Other classes in DoEasy library (part 70): Expanding functionality and auto updating the chart object collection has been published: In this article, I will expand the functionality of chart objects and arrange navigation through charts, creation of screenshots, as well as saving and
doji bollinger candle row mt4 : MT4 and mtf use. Author: Max Eric Carlson
Doji Bollinger candle row : MT5 & mtf use Author: Max Eric Carlson
New article Multilayer perceptron and backpropagation algorithm has been published: The popularity of these two methods grows, so a lot of libraries have been developed in Matlab, R, Python, C++ and others, which receive a training set as input and automatically create an appropriate network for the
Henderson's Filter: Henderson's Filter for MetaTrader 5. According to a brief description: What are the Henderson trend filters? The Henderson Filters are a widely used set of trend filters, or smoothers. They were initially derived by Robert Henderson (1916) for use in actuarial work. They...
New article SQL and MQL5: Working with SQLite Database has been published at This article is intended for developers who would be interested in using SQL in their projects. It explains the functionality and advantages of SQLite. The article does not require special knowledge of SQLite...
New article Tracing, Debugging and Structural Analysis of Source Code is published: The entire complex of problems of creating a structure of an executed code and its tracing can be solved without serious difficulties. This possibility has appeared in MetaTrader 5 due to the new feature of the MQL5...
SCT - The Overall Percent Risk - MT5 : Building good trading habits by seeing things in terms of percentage not in terms of money. Author: Rodi Chamii
SCT - The Overall Percent Risk - MT4 : Building good trading habits by seeing things in terms of percentage not in terms of money. Author: Rodi Chamii
Binance Futures Library : Binance Futures Header file and EA sample. Author: Hadil Mutaqin SE
Candle pattern & bollinger bands : MTF use 2 rsi bb and candle customization Author: Max Eric Carlson
New article Layman's Notes: ZigZag… has been published: Surely, a fey thought to trade closely to extremums visited every apprentice trader when he/she saw "enigmatic" polyline for the first time. It's so simple, indeed. Here is the maximum. And there is the minimum. A beautiful picture on the...
Waddah Attar Explosion: The indicator shows the moments of the market acceleration. Besides, it indicates appropriate time for buying, selling and market exit. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
MTF EMA 20: This indicator helps to find possible support/resistance areas after a trend has developed (normally first pullback ends at EMA's region). Author: nc32007a
A System: Championship 2008 Final Edit: Automatic Trading System Author: Airat Safin
  Indicators: QuickFib  (12   1 2)
QuickFib: Draws a fibonacci study on the visible portion of your chart, and basic downtrend and uptrend lines. Shows the basic price action geometry. Author: Jason Hooper
Repulse: The Repulse indicator measures and displays the bullish or bearish pressure associated with each price candlestick in the form of a curve. There is only one parameter: the repulse period. Indicator is internally using all 4 prices in calculations and that is the reason why the price...
New article How to create Requirements Specification for ordering a trading robot has been published: Are you trading using your own strategy? If your system rules can be formally described as software algorithms, it is better to entrust trading to an automated Expert Advisor. A robot does not need...
Exposure: This script reads all opened position and calculates their exposure for each currency. It's useful if there are many positions. Author: IvanBG
DOKTORCAK: Pending Order Timer on Close Market Author: MEHMET CAK
IND - The Overall Percent Risk - MT5 : Building good trading habits by seeing things in terms of percentage not in terms of money. Author: Rodi Chamii
Bull Bear in a row : includes stochastic and MTF, r:r% Author: Max Eric Carlson
New article Angles in Trading. Further Study Required has been published: In this article, we discuss the method of trading analysis by measuring angles in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The article provides a general plan of using angles for trend movement analysis, as well as non-standard ways to the...
Schaff Trend Cycle: The Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) indicator is the product of combining Slow Stochastics and the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD). The MACD has a reputation as a trend indicator, but it's also notorious for lagging due to its slow responsive signal line. The...
Volatility quality: Volatility quality with ATR filter Author: Mladen Rakic
New article How to Buy a Trading Robot on MQL5 Market? is published: Now you also can use trading robots and any technical indicators with MetaTrader 5. All you need to do is to launch MetaTrader 5 trading terminal and open Market tab of Toolbox window. Author: MetaQuotes