Frequently Asked Questions about the Signals service - page 155

Sergey Golubev  
allman105 #:

thanks for this, give me a better idea and better understanding on how to increase my volume/lot size.

fyii our leverage is same at 1:500, my deposit load is 95%.

You can calculate by yourself.
It is my calculation using the data you provided ... but you calculate it by yourself because I may be mistaken with calculation:

Let's consider a specific example of using the volumes management system:

  1. Provider: balance 2000 USD, leverage 1:500
  2. Subscriber1: balance 5000 USD, leverage 1:500, deposit load percentage 95%

Calculation of Provider's and Subscriber's position volumes ratio:

  1. Balances ratio considering specified part of the deposit in percentage terms:
    Subscriber1: ( 5000 * 0,95) / 2 000 = 2,375 (237.5%)
  2. After considering the leverages:
    Subscriber1: the leverage of Subscriber1 (1:500) is same with the Provider's one (1:500), thus correction on leverages is not performed
  3. After considering currency rates of the deposits at the moment of calculation:
    Same currency.

  4. Total percentage value after the rounding (performed using a multistep algorithm):
    Subscriber1: 230% or 2.3 ratio

Thus under the given conditions, Provider's deal with volume of 1 lot will be copied:
- to Subscriber1 account in amount of 230% -  volume of 2.3 lots

Eleni Anna Branou  
Van Tung To #:
hi i'm having trouble generating a signal. I can't find broker server previously available at mql5 server i contacted broker for support and server is still working, i don't know how can you help me...

Not all brokers are available for publishing a signal here in and sometimes there is a reason for it.

Eleni Anna Branou  

Here in there are no limitations, check with your broker.

Eleni Anna Branou  
Pareshkumar Patel #:
When I tried to register as a seller there is pop up message that the phone number is already exists. How it is possible? Your system does not accept my number. I have only one mobile number. Please solve my issue and approve me as a seller soon. Thanks

Only the Service Desk can help you with that.

Pareshkumar Patel  
Eleni Anna Branou #:

Only the Service Desk can help you with that.

Thanks for your reply Eleni but when I clicked create request link, nothing opened. So how can I contact them?