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2010.09.22 07:38
2014.04.21 14:55

Optimistic trader may enter the market when the price crosses the aqua line.

More reliable entry will be when the price crosses the blue line.

When the price comes back and crosses the red line you can open a position in the course of price movements.

This indicator designed for EURUSD, M5.

QuickFib QuickFib

Draws a fibonacci study on the visible portion of your chart, and basic downtrend and uptrend lines. Shows the basic price action geometry.

Flat_001a Flat_001a

EA works at the "slow" time (OpenHour_1 = 0) - North American Eastern Standard Time. EURUSD, H1

Optimize single Moving average trading Optimize single Moving average trading

Optimize trading with a single moving average. This indcator tests each moving average and automatically finds the moving average which fits best to the current market

EA_PSar_002B_v1 EA_PSar_002B_v1

EA designed on the idea of the indicator Nik_PSAR_2B ( EA works on the Symbol = "EURUSD" and Period = M1.