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Fractional Bands - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2009.05.07 06:22
2014.04.21 14:53

Fractional Bands uses a modelisation of price variation by a Fractional Brownian Motion, that incorporates the consideration of the Fractal dimension, contrary to the Bollinger Bands, which are based on a Wiener Brownian Motion (a particular case of the Fractional Brownian Motion). They also use a different equation from the Fractal Bands ( This difference, while being more consistent with the model on a mathematical point of view, does not seem to provide an indicator as interesting at a trading point of view. Nonetheless, it might still be of some use in combination with other indicators.

More details on my blog:

Here is the Fractional Bands (in limegreen) with the Fractal Bands (in red), both share the same MA, which is the FRASMA (

Automatic Update the chart you drag it to Automatic Update the chart you drag it to

action just like pressing home key, esc to exit,

Fractal Bands Fractal Bands

A variation of the Bollinger Bands that incorporates findings from a fractal analysis

GG-TrendBar GG-TrendBar

This indicator shows you the trend on every timeframe simultaneously

ytg_SS ytg_SS

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