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2009.05.07 06:22

Automatic Update the chart you drag it to - script for MetaTrader 4

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Automatic Update the chart you drag it to .

action just like pressing home key, esc to exit,

Please use this drag and drog!

Fractal Bands Fractal Bands

A variation of the Bollinger Bands that incorporates findings from a fractal analysis

Gandalf_PRO Gandalf_PRO

The EA well trades on "fat" sites of a trend on periods H4 and D - EURUSD.The input in the market occurs on the basis of two-parametrical Exponential Smoothings Time Series.

Fractional Bands Fractional Bands

A modification of the Bollinger Bands, in the same spirit as the Fractal Bands, but using a mathematically more precise equation

GG-TrendBar GG-TrendBar

This indicator shows you the trend on every timeframe simultaneously