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2016.07.01 09:21
Attempt to create an Expert Advisor based on the Center of Gravity indicator

Attempt to create an Expert Advisor based on the Center of Gravity indicator - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Please help me with my idea.

The idea has existed for a long time - based on the "Conservative intraday scalping" strategy, but I could not find a suitable indicator in MT4.

I found the indicator (Center of Gravity.mq4). Now I am trying to attach it to an EA, but the EA stubbornly refuses to open trades (neither on demo, nor in testing). Question - why?

The idea: indicator generates 5 lines parallel to the trend. Trades can be opened at the intersections of the extreme lines (of course, preferably with trailing). My idea is that a moving average with a period of 1 (SMA based on LOW prices) crossing the lower line of the indicator from below, i.e. return to the trend channel, would serve as the signal for opening a trade, for example BUY. For SELL, the opposite - moving average 1, SMA, HIGH crosses the upper line from above. The idea can be further developed indefinitely, but currently it is necessary to deal with this.

Indicator: Center of Gravity.mq4

Expert Advisor: C_S_intraday.mq4 /in simple form, no control of the deposit, timeframes, no trailing, etc.


//|                              C_S_intraday.mq4                       |
//|                                                                     |
extern double    lots=0.1;
//extern int       StopLoss=30 ;
//extern int       TrailingStop=15;
//extern int       Slippage=2;

extern int BB = 125;
extern int MM = 2;
extern int II = 0;
extern double KK = 2.0;
extern int NN = 1102;

double  maH0,maH1,maL0,maL1;
//| expert start function                                            |
int start()
maH0=iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_HIGH,0); //moving average based on high
maH1=iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_HIGH,1); //moving average based on high
maL0=iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_LOW,0);  //moving average based on low
maL1=iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_LWMA,PRICE_LOW,1);  //moving average based on low

   int      B= BB;         // 
   int      M= MM;         // 
   int      I= II;         // 
   double   K= KK;         // 
   int      N= NN;         // 
   double cgh = iCustom(NULL,0,"Center of Gravity",B,M,I,K,N,3,0);
   double cgl = iCustom(NULL,0,"Center of Gravity",B,M,I,K,N,4,0);

if (cgl<maL0)  //if moving average (low) crosses the lowest line of the indicator from below
if (cgh>maH0)

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Original code:

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