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Exoticwavein - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2008.12.11 08:53
2014.04.21 14:53

The indicator writes the history to the CSV file.

Input Parameters:

extern int       LastBar=0;
extern int       cnttik = 3 ;


Internal Bar Strength (IBS) Internal Bar Strength (IBS)

It is calculated as the moving average of the values of the internal bars strength.

Upload Export Upload Export

The UploadExport script is a universal program tool. It is developed to ease the working of the analyst and the trader with regard to the daily routine actions of wave analysis using the ELWAVE program.

MySQL wrapper MySQL wrapper

Wrapper for reading and writing to MySQL

OrdersSuite Revision 2 OrdersSuite Revision 2

Functions for processing the orders of Spot currency pairs, Spot Gold and Spot Silver with error handling. OrderProcess() strengthened. New functions Lots, OrderCloseByRetracement, OrderModifyTS and OrderSendI added. Revision 2 has been used to run expert