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2008.12.16 07:17

OrdersSuite Revision 2 - library for MetaTrader 4

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OrdersSuite.mqh (73.23 KB)view

Functions for processing the orders of Spot currency pairs, Spot Gold and Spot Silver with error handling. OrderProcess() strengthened. New functions Lots, OrderCloseByRetracement, OrderModifyTS and OrderSendI added. Revision 2 has been used to run experts on live accounts since September. The code may have to be adjusted to suit your broker's ordering system.

MySQL wrapper MySQL wrapper

Wrapper for reading and writing to MySQL

Exoticwavein Exoticwavein

The indicator writes the history to the CSV file.

Candle Patterns Candle Patterns

Visual and Audio alerts when reversal or continuation candle patterns occur.

DiNapoli Price Oscillator DiNapoli Price Oscillator

New version of famous and simple indicator created by Joe DiNapoli. It is different than rest of this type indicators, because it could count and display overbought and oversold levels.