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2008.07.25 07:12
2014.04.21 14:52
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It displays Fibo levels of the price channel created on the moving avrage. The 100% line of the channel is the maximal difference between the price and MA.

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Original code:

OzFx Signals v1.7 OzFx Signals v1.7

The indicator OzFx Signals v1.7.

The implementation of the MACD pattern Trend continuation The implementation of the MACD pattern Trend continuation

The EA trades based on the trend continuation pattern of the MACD indicator.

Kanal_Ant Kanal_Ant

The indicator of MA-channel allows to analyse the dynamics of the price by using the technique of A_Vlad, the gist of it is the line of balance LB acts as the attraction of price when there is no external influence.

Corelation Corelation

The indicator is intended for searching the correlations between different symbols. It allows to overlay one chart with another to visually detect how do different symbols correlate between each other.