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2008.07.05 09:05

BZ_TL_SkylineM - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The author insists that users may utilize this indicator as an external interface for all other indexes, more details.


myEntryTrigger =4;
myProfitTarget =10;
myStopLoss =7;
Shift =0;
myHourColor =DarkGray;
myStyle =STYLE_DOT;
ShowLables =false ;


MultiTrandOscilator MultiTrandOscilator

An oscillator with the signal lines that are received from the other pairs. It is intended to work with EURUSD on M1, the signals are synthesized from Yen and Franс, the summary mode is present, you can hide an unnecessary signal.

The average amplitude of the price movement for whole history. The average amplitude of the price movement for whole history.

The indicator displays the average amplitude of the price movement.

Error 146 - remedy Error 146 - remedy

The library contains the functions that are intended to split the access to the trade flow.

Trading events in МТ4 Trading events in МТ4

The library contains the function that monitors the appearance of the trading events in the MT4 client terrminal.