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Ticker Awesome Oscillator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2016.05.16 09:48
2016.05.23 09:47
Author: mandorr

It is calculated as the difference between two simple moving averages: SMA(5) and SMA(34). Type of the chart: histogram with green and red colored bars.

In the "Ticker Awesome Oscillator" indicator the buffer with the index 0 (№0 in the "Colors" tab) is the hidden line, it returns the value of the oscillator when called from an EA. The buffer with the index 1 (№1 in the "Colors" tab) shows the rising bars, it is equal to zero for the falling bars. The buffer with the index 2 (№2 in the "Colors" tab) shows the falling bars, it is equal to zero for the rising bars. The plotting of the histogram starts from the 35th tick.

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Original code:

Lagrange polynomial Lagrange polynomial

Two options of the calculation, which creates the Lagrange polynomial based on the reference points.

camarilladt8 camarilladt8

It is suitable for those who are too lazy to calculate the daily levels.

Ticker MACD Ticker MACD

The chart contains the main line (the difference between the fast EMA and the slow EMA, applied to the Ticker line) and the signal line (obtained by applying the SMA to the main line).

Ticker Trail Ticker Trail

Here, the trail line is used instead of the signal line. Trail is the line that is distanced from the current price no more than the trailing length.