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ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070 - script for MetaTrader 4

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2016.04.26 14:49
Before using the script set the required maximum number of bars in chart for MetaTrader 4 in Tools->Options->Charts->. This is the number of bars to be downloaded and monitored. After that restart the MetaTrader 4 and use the script. The end of script operation does not mean the end of the history download. The download process can be viewed in the task manager. Once the download is finished, it is necessary to restart the MetaTrader 4 to save the history to the *.hst files.
The script has high requirements to RAM:
-with 1GB of memory the process of downloading the history from the Moneyrain DC server with the parameter "Number of bars in a window" set to 50000 bars, it is only possible to currency pairs and metals at a time;
-then it is necessary to terminate the MetaTrader 4 in the task manager, in order for the *.hst files to form;
-then start the MetaTrader 4 again and resume the download from the next group.
//| 6.Additions in the version ZZ_All Quotings 0-0060 from 17.07.2007.
//| 6.1.Once the script operation finishes, a window with the download information will be displayed.
//| 6.2.Reduced the free RAM requirements more than twice.
//| 6.3.Fixed the error in the name of the "LBP" currency.
//| 6.4.Optimized the operation in the mode with no control of history "holes".
//| 6.5.Changed the condition for controlling the history arrival control.
//| 7.Additions in the version ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070 from 29.07.2007.
//| 7.1.Supplemented the "CFD London", "CFD NewYork" instrument groups.
//| 7.2.Added the timer for timeout of the last bar - 1 minute from the latest update of
//| the last bar opening time.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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