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2016.04.26 14:50

ZZ_Standard_Functions_TF_YR1_Lib - library for MetaTrader 4

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Set of functions for the YR1 timeframe.
1.Number of bars in the YR1 timeframe.
int iBars_YR1 (string Exchange);
iBarsYR (currency pair).
2.Number of bar by time in the YR1 timeframe.
int iBarShift_YR1 (string Exchange, datetime time, bool exact);
iBarShiftYR (currency pair, time value to search, returned value if bar was not
found (FALSE - iBarShift returns closest/TRUE - iBarShift returns -1)).
3.Opening time by the bar number in the YR1 timeframe.
datetime iTime_YR1 (string Exchange, int shift);
iCloseYR (currency pair, bar number).
4.Open price.
double iOpen_YR1 (string Exchange, int shift);
iOpenYR (currency pair, bar number).
5.High price of the selected bar in the YR1 timeframe.
double iHigh_YR1 (string Exchange, int shift);
iHighYR (currency pair, bar number).
6.Low price of the selected bar in the YR1 timeframe.
double iLow_YR1 (string Exchange, int shift);
iLowYR (currency pair, bar number).
7.Close price.
double iClose_YR1 (string Exchange, int shift);
iCloseYR (currency pair, bar number).

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Original code:

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