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2016.03.25 14:50
2016.11.22 07:32
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Weld, Jurik Research

The properties of this indicator are quite similar to the classic oscillators and exactly the same methods of technical analysis can be applied to it as to the RSI. Only through the use of more sophisticated smoothing algorithms it has less delay and smoother shape of the curve.

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Original code:

FanSimple8 FanSimple8

The FanSimple displays the correctness of reversal of the moving averages fan on different timeframes. The indicator includes four moving averages with the values 5, 21, 55, 233, that are displayed on the chart.

Plagiat Plagiat

The name of the indicator is left as it was: Plagiat. In the original version it was HMA.mq4 (based on a publication in ForexMagazine #104").

4 Period MA 4 Period MA

Indicates the number of periods for the calculation of the average line.

Calculation of the 3-rd Elliott wave Calculation of the 3-rd Elliott wave

Script for the calculation of the third Elliott wave