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2016.03.25 14:12 (2.15 KB)

The awo Holidays EA reports the status of the next day: working day, day off or holiday.

The holidays are read from the file 'holidays.csv' (must be placed to '\expert\files' and '\tester\files' folders) and are filtered by symbol,
for example, in addition to the international holidays, only the British and the Japanese holidays will be displayed for GBP/JPY.

The program informs about coming of the next day by two vertical lines:
    Solid line - start\end of a trading day (swap line)
    Dashed line - start\end of an astronomical day.
        Light blue color - the next calendar day is working day
        Blue color - the next calendar day is Saturday
        Orange color - the next calendar day is a holiday (see the comment)

The comments display the statuses of the previous, current trading days and the next three calendar days.

The EA works on all pairs and periods up to D1.

I have the data only for 2007, the data was taken from here: If anyone has other years in a similar data, please send them to, thank you in advance.

This figure clearly shows spikes on Friday evening and on Monday morning.

This is a draft for my robot, but I thought it might be useful to someone. There was an idea to write something similar to indicate the economic events and the trading session times.

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Original code:

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