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2011.12.26 10:48

TrendLineAlert - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The indicator displays the inclined trend line that sets the signal actuating level.

During the first launch of the indicator the actuation level line is gray and not active. When a trader changes its position on a chart it becomes active and turns red.

As soon as the price reaches the actuation level, the indicator starts giving alerts or sound alarms.

After the moment the price crosses the level, the indicator will give one alert at each tick, until the limit of signals defined by the AlertTotal (number of alerts) external variable is reached. After that the actuation level line will turn gray and become inactive, until it is again relocated by a trader to a desired level.


Indicator input parameters: 

//| Indicator input parameters                     |
input string level_name="Trend_Level_1";       // Actuation level name
input string level_comment="trend level";     // Actuation level comment
input color active_level_color=Red;          // Active level color
input color inactive_level_color=Gray;       // Inactive level color
input ENUM_LINE_STYLE level_style=STYLE_SOLID;  // Actuation level style
input ENUM_WIDTH level_width=w_3;            // Actuation level width
input ENUM_ALERT_MODE alert_mode=OnlyAlert;  // Actuation indication version
input uint AlertTotal=10;                     // Number of alerts
input bool Deletelevel=true;                  // Level deletion

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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