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2018.11.20 12:53

The indicator plots one vertical line per day in a specified moment of time.

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
input string LinesSirname="VLine_Grid_Custom_";     //line name
input HOURS  LineHours=ENUM_HOUR_0;                 //Line setting line (hour)
input MINUTS LineMinuts=ENUM_MINUT_0;               //Line setting line (minute)
input color Line_Color=clrMagenta;                  //line color
input ENUM_LINE_STYLE Line_Style=STYLE_DASHDOTDOT;  //line display style
input ENUM_WIDTH Line_Width=w_1;                    //line width
input bool SetBackground=true;                      //line background display
input uint LinesTotal=10;                           //number of lines in history
input uint FutureTotal=1;                           //number of lines in future empty history

If several instances of the indicator with different parameters should be used for the chart layout, the LinesSirname parameter should be different for each indicator.

Fig. 1. VGridLine_Custom indicator

Fig. 1. VGridLine_Custom indicator

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