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Synthetic VIX - Smoothed - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.23 15:18

This is a smoothed version of Synthetic VIX.

In order to make the volatility assessment easier, this indicator is producing smoothed results. Also, in order to avoid adding significant lag, the usual "trick" to avoid that lag is used: instead of smoothing the result (which, in this case would be smoothing the already calculated VIX) prices are smoothed prior to be used in calculation. JMA is used for that smoothing (as a very responsive smoothing way).

PS: it was already mentioned in the original published code, but just in case - synthetic VIX is not a directional indicator. It indicates the increase or decrease of volatility and it should be used as that.

Choppiness Index - JMA Smoothed Choppiness Index - JMA Smoothed

Compared to the Choppiness Index indicator, this version is using JMA for smoothing (to make it easier to spot the slope direction change of the choppiness index) and to make the values less volatile.

Choppiness Index Choppiness Index

Choppiness Index: another way of calculating fractal dimension.

Multi LSMA Slopes Multi LSMA Slopes

Multi LSMA Slopes indicator checks slopes of 5 (different period) Least Squares Moving Averages (LSMA or linear regression value) and adds them up to show overall trend.

Multi Averages Slopes Multi Averages Slopes

Multi Averages Slopes indicator that checks slopes of 5 (different period) averages and adds them up to show overall trend. Averages that can be used in this indicator are the: SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA.