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Heiken Ashi Smoothed - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.19 16:01

Heiken Ashi is a very well known indicator.

One of the variations that is actually improving the indicator is the "smoothed" version. The logic behind the smoothed version is simple:

  • Instead of using "raw" prices" for calculations, it's using smoothed/filtered/averaged prices instead.
  • That usually filters out some false signals and makes it easier to use.
  • This version can use some of the 4 basic types of averages for smoothing:
    • Simple moving average (SMA).
    • Exponential moving average (EMA).
    • Smoothed moving average (SMMA).
    • Linear weighted moving average (LWMA).
  • Additionally you can use a "step" filter (in pips) to filter out value changes that are smaller than the desired threshold (if the step is set to <=0, then that filter is not used).


ADXVMA indicator made as "binary" having only two values (+1 for "trend" up and -1 for "trend" down).

Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed - Floating Levels Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed - Floating Levels

In this version of Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed indicator we are introducing a sort of levels that can be used for trend assessment.

Heiken Ashi Smoothed - Binary Heiken Ashi Smoothed - Binary

Unlike the Heiken Ashi Smoothed, this indicator is displaying 2 values only: +1 for trend up and -1 for trend down, thus making it suitable for usage from experts.

WPR Candles WPR Candles

This indicator is a variation of a well known WPR (Williams Percent Range) indicator with 4 WPR values combined into "candles".