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Intraday Channel Breakout - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.18 10:18
2018.07.23 16:20

Indicator that is checking for intra-day channel values and breakouts of those channels.

The time segment that is used for channel is specified by the parameters, and then it is used to check if the upper or lower limit is broken. It is strictly made to be used on intraday values.

3 Rules MACD 3 Rules MACD

Traditional MACD made stronger with 3 additional rules/filters.

DEMA_Range_Channel DEMA_Range_Channel

A channel formed by two Double Exponential Moving Averages based on averaged High and Low timeseries

Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed

This version of the Accumulative Swing Index indicator is attempting to add some more functionality to it by producing much smoother results.

Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed - Floating Levels Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed - Floating Levels

In this version of Accumulative Swing Index Smoothed indicator we are introducing a sort of levels that can be used for trend assessment.